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Important self-care tips you should be following

Source: OnlineGoing.com

Are you tired of being tired, unproductive, lethargic and exhausted? Well, you certainly need rest. However, it’s not enough to just lie down and take a breather. There are some things you should be routinely following and taking care of to ensure your physical and mental well-being.

Well, i’m not going to dismiss the usual getting plenty of sleep, eating well and exercising just because they are common advice; they are still crucial aspects of daily life we neglect almost consciously. However, there are basic self-care tips you can follow to make sure you are well rested and at your best.

  • Hydrate yourself. Make sure you drink enough water daily since there are numerous benefits including helping digestion, reducing acne as well as fights tiredness.
  • Take care of your hygiene. Shower daily, wash your face often and wear clean clothes every day. Not only is this going to keep you clean and healthy but will make you feel productive and fresh.
  • Check your body for signs of stress. We often keep our jaws clenched, our bodies rigid, and tongue stuck to the roof of our mouth when we are stressed.
  • Reward yourself with every accomplishment. Spend a little more on yourself and don’t hold back once in a while. You deserve it.
  • Keep in touch with your friends. Talk and vent out what’s bothering you. Be there for them as well. Communicate with that special someone; talk about how your day was and then ask about theirs. Little things can bring big happiness.
  • Move; Dance, exercise, jog, skip, hop, whatever that floats your boat. Hyperactivity can help reduce stress and is actually pretty fun.
  • Learn to say no. Especially when you have a lot on your plate, you don’t always need to be the knight in shining armor for
  • Take a little ‘me’ day. It can be during a holiday or a weekend where you only prioritize yourself, and you have no obligations. Go out, be alone or be with friends, whatever you want, goes.

Well, you can always add more to the list since there isn’t any limit to how you can take care of yourself.