Imran Khan visits GHQ

The prime minister of Pakistan visited the GHQ last week to discuss various issue about pakistans future strategy with regards to her relations with USA, China, india and Afghanistan.He was given a red carpet reception an honour Imran khan deserves as the chief executive of the country.He remained with the generals for eight hours and discussed every aspect of Pakistan relations both with the outside powers specially the internal security and the role of Pakistan army in the elimination of terrorism from Pakistani soil.As every educated Pakistani knows that Pakistan is victim of terrorism from outside particularly our two neighbours Afghanistan and India.these two have played havoc to destablise Pakistan as well to force her to accept the hegemony of India, which Pakistan will never yield to.The meeting between the prime minister and the army establishment took place in a cordial manner which manifest that the political leadership and the military are one page., which was not the case with the previous government led by Nawaz Sharif who wanted to subjugate the army to his whims like a police set up.He was lured to act against the army by usa and india to weaken Pakistan especially threatening its internal security.Actually Nawaz sharif did not reaise that army and the people of Pakistan will ever support his stand as suchhe miserably failed .Besides he wanted to protect his ill gotten money lodged in different foreign banks including the properties he owns in London and dubai.The panama papers exposed him thoroughly which is a clear proof that he used his political power to amess wealth through mega projects as well denying the economic rights of the people of Pakistan.
On the other hand Imran khan has never indulged in corruption rather he has build institution like Cancer hospitals and university as well other charitable organisations for the welfare of poor people of Pakistan. His mission in politics was to eliminate corruption in various government departments as well in politics which is the major cause of instability in Pakistan.The philosophy of the army is the same ie a corruption free politics concentrating mainly on economic development and reducing the poverty .Since the army and the chief executive are on the same page,both together will help each other to boost economic and social development as also to fight the internal and external enemiesThe two neighbouring countries whom I have refered earlier will now think twice to harm Pakistan as they were trying to do so during Nawaz sharif period.I think Imran khan will do his best to develop Pakistan with the support of army and take tangible steps to meet the requirement of the army to defend Pakistan as a powerful nation in the region.Imran khan has already opined that he wants good relations with all the neighbors while strongly protecting the sovereignty of Pakistan.All the countries of the world frame thier foreign policy with the support of their army especially the matter relating to defence.Imran khan fully understands his role as well relationship with the military establishment of Pakistan.The cordial relation manifested after the visit of the prime minister at GHQ will go a long way to stabilize Pakistan as well to meet external and internal threats. Posed by some neighbours.

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