Inculcating ethics and legacy


R. Raheem Sherazi

In this global village where every individual is involved in thinking, creating, adapting and learning in every single step, learning is a process without an end but the dimension of learning is too advanced and quite easy courtesy technologies. Wherever you move or you act is watched, stored and followed by thousands of followers through networking. If we glance history, the methodology of teaching and learning was quite difficult. The practice was not very frequent to purchase curriculum book, note-pads, pencils and even not a single cloth to wear but the concept of uniform for school could be an illusion. They were hardly getting one cloth in one or two years to wear, but the learning quest and passion was paradoxical. They were travelling from one place to another, crossing 20 to 30 kilometer by foot in the sake of knowledge and wisdom.
There was no compromise on learning. It’s pertinent that students perceived the knowledge with “zeal and zest” and they were not reluctant in this manner. The parents were blindly trusting although they did not know about all these educational system and methodology. But they were sure that a person can groom through education and become a decent contributor for the society. Within limited resources the outcome in terms of obedient, diligent, helpful, humble and intelligent was satisfactory.
A well know evangelist, writer, intellectual and prominent leader, Billy Graham said about Legacy: “The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren are not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith”.
How easy is education in this era, by reading, writing, watching, playing and exercising extra class with tutor. Through these process a child become very keen and enthusiastic to discover the world by his own creativity and ideology. They have more comforts and even more relaxation to learn and get schooling, college and university.
After a prolonged struggle he becomes an educated person in the society. He gets the honour, and becomes a respectable personality in his family as well as in the area where he lives. He gets more exposure to the society and becomes a trustable member of the society. But many questions arise after all these achievements and imperil. Is holding a degree is all? Indeed, not at all. The way our system compels them to impose instead of inculcating, as well as opining the nutshell of a youngblood is a vital. If a person is borne with intellect, the approach of a teacher with parent should be wisely practiced to bring those energetic souls for the knowledge society not to spoil them improbable.
Unfortunately, the culture of education which is meant for light and prosperity is going down as we see in our own surroundings. Mostly the youth, particularly the upcoming generations are involved in creativity, advance thinking, but we feel that the youth has been impair instead of indulging them in research and rational debate to evaluate themselves. They are proactive in all aspects, but feel embracing when the native languages are not giving priority while interaction with others. Language is our identity which must be exercised where ever we are but unfortunately we can’t, the reason is lack of understanding.
The tradition and culture of any society teaches, love, brotherhood, acceptance and compassion. Legacy starts from one’s own horizon. Critical thinkers are not been encouraged in the society, which has been hypnotized deliberately. Whom to blame for such blunders? We parents are responsible for our children to evaluate through intellectual approach. That how a young learning blood can think and raise questions and how the parent do enough and teachers are sound to give overview.
This is need of the time to think rationally and evaluate ourselves that how profound we are with our younger generation. Are they enough empowered to follow the principle of life? If not, then how to become a mentor of our children to make them critical thinker rather than to push them in orthodoxy mindset.

The writer is a freelance columnist based in Islamabad and can be reached at: