India condemned by OIC meeting

I think after many years the OIC has openly condemned India in strongest terms for its unbridled atrocities being committed upon the Muslims in the Indian held Kashmir and asked her to conduct plebiscite to determine the will of Kashmiri people as enshrined in security council resolution of 1948.The 46th meeting of the OIC Foreign Ministers was held in Abu Dhabi (UAE) where Indian Foreign Minister Shusma Suraj was also present. Pakistan objected her presence there as India is not the member of OIC on the contrary the inhuman treatment of Muslims in India especially in the India held Kashmir is sufficient proof that India does not deserve to be called in the OIC meeting. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi was justified to boycott the conference but he allowed a seasoned official of the foreign office to represent Pakistan. The Indian FM condemned terrorism in all its form and manifestation but did not take the name of Pakistan because of the fear of majority Muslim Foreign Ministers present in the conference but her speech in the OIC meeting manifested her implied reference to Pakistan however all said and done, to her surprise the final statement of the OIC condemned India for the crimes being committed upon the Muslims of in the India held Kashmir by the Indian army, almost half a million, using latest weapons to subjugate them and forcing them to shun the struggle for the right of self-determination.

The people of Pakistan are happy with the final draft of the OIC meeting in which the facts have been spoken about a country i.e. India whose incumbent Prime Minister, a tea seller, belonging to lower cast is known as Anti-Muslim criminal who killed more than four thousand Muslims women, children, old and young in GUJRAT (India) in 2001 and later in Ajudia while demolishing Babri Mosque in 1992. Actually India could not believe that such a harsh statement will be issued against her by OIC as India thinks that OIC is a weak organization and is not in a position to take Anti-India stand, but it happened and the world has realized that it is India who is terrorizing not only the Muslims of the India held Kashmiris but as well Pakistan where her trained terrorists cross Pakistani border to destablise her. The Foreign Ministers of the Muslim countries know now without any doubt that it is India who is responsible for tension in South Asia and wants a war with Pakistan. Indian air force crossed Pakistani air space violating International Law and provoking for war with Pakistan. Still the clouds of war are hanging over in South Asia and inspite of all the peace gesture by the PM of Pakistan Imran Khan, the Indian side is still trumpeting for war. Pakistan is ready to face the challenge and will not hesitate to use atomic weapons against her which would not only destroy the two countries but the whole world, as the spill-over effects of the atomic explosion will put the lives of millions of people at risk. Let better sense prevail in India and initiate dialogue for peace with Pakistan.

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