India ready to hold dialogue with Pakistan

Relations between India and Pakistan have never been cordial ever since both countries got independence. The bone of contention has been the core issue of Kashmir that was occupied by Indians troops against the wishes of Kashmiris. Three major wars have been fought but the dispute remains inconclusive due to stubborn attitude of India. Pakistan’s all government’s tried their best to resolve the issue amicaly but due to rigid attitude of India it remains a burning issue.
Narendra Modi has again won recently held elections in India with overwhelming majority to rule India for next 5 years. His last term as prime minister of India saw tense relations with Pakistan and he continued to display hatred towards Muslims of India and hostile attitude towards Pakistan. It is on record that Indian RAW agents have been very active in tribal belt and Baluchistan to destabilize Pakistan to which Pakistan has always reacted and has also taken the issue in the world forums but failed to get support of world community in our favor. Relations got further aggravated after capture of serving naval officer commander Kulbhoshan Yadev in March 2016 from Baluchistan who confessed that he was operating under the instructions of RAW. Then we had Pulwama incident in Feb 2019 that brought great humiliations to India that closed all gates of negotiations between the two countries. Former foreign minister of India Sushma Swaraj had adopted negative attitude towards Pakistan and always accusing Pakistan on terrorism, whereas Pakistan is victim of terrorism and lost thousands of human lives including officers and men of armed forces. When Imran Khan became Prime Minister of Pakistan In August 2018 , he extended hand of friendship to Narendra Modi but received lukewarm response. After Modi’s re-election as Prime Minister of India he exchanged greetings and again offered to have dialogue but there has been no positive response even telephone calls remained unanswered. However few days back prime Minister of India and newly appointed foreign minister responded to Islamabad’s renewed call for dialogue
Narendra Modi has appointed Subrahmanyam Jaishankar as India’s external affairs minister. He is a seasoned and highly qualified diplomat who has served for many years in the ministry of foreign affairs. He has served as Foreign Secretary from 2013 to 2018. He joined Indian Foreign service in 1977 and served Ambassador in USA, China, and the Czech Republic and as High Commissioner to Singapore .He played key role in negotiating the Indo-US civilian Nuclear agreement
It is very heartening to know that ice has melted and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Foreign Minister have responded positively to Prime Minster Imran Khan’s call conveying willingness to engage with all countries including Pakistan should be welcomed. But next day it was denied by Indian foreign office that they have never offered for talks. Unfortunately our media unnecessarily created hype through breaking news as if India has agreed on dialogue. The message should have been carefully interpreted but we as usual jump to conclusion by drawing our own conclusions to be the first to break news. One should not accept miracles, see the tone of Indian leaders, this is not first time we failed to interpret correctly diplomatic gestures. Although the forces which are opposed to reconciliation between India and Pakistan shall always have different interpretations. But the fact remains it is a good gesture and naturally it will take time before both sides sit to gather. The fact remains both countries agree that there should be peace in the region but India imposes pre conditions that is not acceptable to Pakistan.
Question arises why there is no change in Indian policy towards Pakistan almost on all fronts leaving no room for moving forward. Since signing of $45 Billion projects with China on CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor), India has not been able to digest it and making all efforts to create hurdles through RAW agents in Baluchistan and Tribal Area to ensure conditions remain disturbed. India fails to recognise importance and value of Pakistan’s operation against terrorists operating in Pakistan without realising that it is in their own interest to extend cooperation to avoid its fall out in India
Surprisingly world community is not moved at all. A small incident in Europe anywhere invokes immediate reaction by them but in case of Pakistan the same world community including United Nations remains silent. What is happening in occupied Kashmir is no more secret where 700000 Indian troops have leashed outright terror killing unarmed Kashmiris has become a routine affair and world conscious is in deep slumber. Modi sarkar has won election and as per agenda is going to annul the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution that guarantees special status to Kashmir.
We all understand that India is not going to change its stand therefore Pakistan has no option except to keep pressing for dialogue as war has never been any solution nor future war will have solution. Our effort should be to continue the process of dialogue and try to win support of powers that matter. There is need to be vigilant from India as Modi has threatened Pakistan of further surgical strikes . While preaching for peace we need to remain alert and should never rely on anybody’s assurance, Pakistan has already paid heavy price in last two wars fought in 1965 and 1971 when our trusted ally backed out and our country was dismembered with India’s help as admitted by Modi during his recent visit to Bangladesh. As a nation we stand divided, we are fighting against each other instead getting united against common enemy. Corruption, corruption and corruption hoax should end, enough is enough. Not a pie of looted money has seen the national exchequer, its NAB that has done really wonders in recovering billions of rupees through plea bargaining. Let us forget differences otherwise enemy is knocking at the doors. Let us admit as a nation we cannot extinguish simple fire in a high rise building what will happen when the ballon goes up. Time to wake up before we get eliminated.

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