Indian brutalities in IoK: An open letter to Alis Wells

In the wake of unprecedented wave of brutalities unleashed on the innocent people in Held Kashmir by the Indian army, I am writing this open letter to Alis Wells, American diplomat and former Ambassador of the United States of America to Jordan, who is currently visiting Pakistan after her stay in Sri Lanka and India, where she had in-depth parleys with the leadership of Sri Lanka and India for peace as well seeking the solutions of the problems faced by the two countries.
In India, it is learnt, she discussed the issue of occupied Kashmir where 90 million people are confined in their homes, facing huge Indian army equipped with latest lethal weapons.
The Indian army posted in Occupied Kashmir have been committing heinous crimes against the local population mostly Muslims who have been living in the valley since centuries.
Even you in your recent statement from USA have urged India to stop human right violations and lift the curfew, but so far your appeal for relaxation of curfew has fallenon deaf ear of Indian extremist Prime Minister Modi. Even the Human Right Watch has expressed deep concern about the human right situation in occupied Kashmir, but stubborn Prime Minister of India does not care forall these appeals and has given free hand to Indian army to treat the local population in the manner they like i.e., use brutal force to subjugate them. Almost thirty thousand youth have been arrested by the Indian military and police sending them to the concentration camps where they are subjected to beating and humiliation.
At LOC the Indian army continues to fire killing innocent civilians and threatening to carryout false flag operation inside LOC which will eventually ignite the flames of war between Pakistan and India who possess nuclear weapons.
Besides the brutalities committed by the Indian army and police on the peaceful citizens of occupied Kashmir,the division of occupied Kashmir on the night of October 31 last year by the presidential order,the problem has been further magnified.
While you are here in Pakistan, kindly help resolve this issue of Kashmir at least asking India to lift curfew and let the people of Kashmir decide their fate according to the resolutions of UN Security Council.
If India takes this step i.e. right of self-determination for the people of Kashmir, the war like situation will deescalate between India and Pakistan which will eventually lead to permanent peace in South Asia.
The Prime Minister of Pakistan has appealed to UN to send Military Observers at LOC to find out the truth and urge India to stop firing at LOC.
The think tanks in Pakistan fear that India might attack Pakistan to divert the attention of its people who are agitating against the Citizen Amendment Bill introduced by the PM of India to usurp the rights of minorities especially Muslims population crossing220million.
Ms. Alis while discussing Afghan issue with Pakistan kindly resolve the nagging of occupied Kashmir where human rights violation is the order of the day and if India continues defying, I think war between India and Pakistan is imminent.

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