The Indian election and its aftermath

The Indian elections are over, BJP has won the elections in thumping majority while its main rival party Congress has lost the elections securing only 92 seats. The president of Indian national congress Rahul Gandhi even lost his ancestor seat Amithi while winning in Karela. The President of Indian Republic has asked Narendra Modi to form the Government which would be formed within a week as there is no opposition while the fact is that incumbent Modi needs no one support within Lok Saba to form the national government. Modi won the elections with a big margin simply because he used Hindu religion and anti Pakistan rhetoric to convince the illiterate masses that its only the BJP which would save guard the interest India and its people. The anti Pakistan bashing by Modi in the election campaign worked while the large number of people came to vote for him and his party. Now Modi with large number of votes in his pocket, he would further promote extremism in India creating harsh conditions for the Muslims, the largest minority in India as for other minorities like Christians and Dilits. Already soon after the announcement of the result of general elections, a couple was manhandled by a member of BJP in MP alleging that the couple carried the meat of cow. This is the beginning of HINDUVTA where followers of other religion have no rights.
The victory of BJP has virtually thrown the secular forces of India into dust bin, although the constitution of India was created on secularism by the founding fathers of India to forge unity and brotherhood among all religious groups living in India, but Modi and his party BJP has blatantly flouted the Indian constitution and replaced it with Hinduism. The Muslims in India as I wrote earlier are now easy target and victim of extremist elements in BJP and other such parties like Shev Sehna. The Muslims majority living in occupied Kashmir will face the wrath of Modi as they did not vote for him and will never support him as he allowed his army almost half a million to suppress their movement for freedom by applying ruthless methods to suppress it. On the other hand the PM of Pakistan Imran Khan thinks that Modi will improve good relations with Pakistan as well initiate dialogue over Kashmir to resolve this issue which is the bone of contention between the two countries since the partition of the subcontinent in 1947. Modi as I can understand his mind through his various speeches and statements will not start any meaningful dialogue with Pakistan, on the contrary he will create more problems for Pakistan through his paid agents within Pakistan as in the case PTM. Modi will try to establish hagemoney over South Asia to monopolise its economic and political clout. Imran Khan sincerely believes to promote good neighbourly relations with India for the resolution of various problems like Kashmir and extreme poverty, but his counter part Modi is sailing in different boat where peaceful coexistence has no meaning Any how wait and see, but never hope good from Modi who is a known anti Muslims and killer of hundred of Muslims in Indian Jugrat.

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