Indian and Hindu mindset

BJP government has recently passed the bill in Lok Sabha to allow citizenship to minorities. The Muslim community has been excluded. This angered not only the Muslims of India but also opposition political parties in Lok Sabah. The bill has yet to go to upper house for final approval. At the same time genocide of Muslims is being perpetuated. Thousands of Kashmiris are eliminated by security forces.

This grave Tragedy is not even reported in international media. Recently a Hindu girl has been tortured and burned alive, her crime, attended a Christians Church. This is incredible India. It is a sad state of affairs in India vis a-vis muslim community and others. It is important to go back and examine why things are happening in such a manner in India. It is not the first time that Muslim have been sidelined and persecuted in India. It is a long story getting back to early 20th century when Congress party was established. The Muslims were not welcomed. It was Mr Jinnah who persuaded Muslims to join congress. Twenty years of Jinnah’ efforts failed due to Hindu mindset of Akhund Bharat.

In the medieval period, the heartland of India was called Sapta Sindu. The land of seven rivers. It extended up to valley of Jamna. Persians who ruled after Vedic time for almost six hundred years, could not spell S, and pronounced as Hindu. Thus the word Hindu became known and anyone living in Sapta Sindhu was Sindhu or Hindu. Thus Hindu in technical sense is not religion like Christians, Muslims or Buddhism. Till conquest by Muslims in Seventh century the subcontinent was amalgam of principalities or states paying homage to Mahrajas or later Sultan in Delhi. The subjects lived together, had no clash of authority till 19th century.

When finally defeated, the Forces fighting British, British consolidated its rule. It was in 1881 during first census in India under Lord Denizil Ibbetson, Hindu officially emerged as (Recognised) religion. Every native Indian who could not be classified in any recognised religion like Islam or Christians was classified as Hindu. It overnight changed the demographic landscape of India and and later gave a tool to Congress to claim Majority and be the sole representative for all inhabitants in India. This as we will see created immense political problems in the later years, split between Hindus and Muslims, communal riots eventually creation of Pakistan.

Hindus are most earth rooted people never accepted right of any other religion or creed but for Hindus on the soil of India. Whereas Islam is universal. The social system of India is not based on divinity as mentioned above but condemned to geographical compulsions created by unique mind set of Hindu, singularity of Barat Mata. Thus to them, the land of India is exclusively for Hindu (M.R.A Baig). Kala Hardyal , highly educated, Scholar and teacher in his Pamphlet Mere Vichar. Had said there is no possibility of Hindus and Muslims living to gather. This attachment to the land or Bharat Mata is so intense that they hate other religions. The hatred is intense to the extent they do not tolerate non Hindus. There is no land better than Bharat Mata, no race better than Bharat Basi’s, no religion better than Hinduism. Others are inferior and have no rights, wrote AlBruni in his memorise. Except Brahmans no other creed has any right but to be subservient lot. But what is Hindu, if not a religion. It is set of beliefs, myths and this in scope is very wide, from rising, and setting sun to any material object portraying Power, and is worshipped. Any one worshipping with fire and baptised is taken to be Hindu. Maharaj Swami Said. Mere Vichar is a political statement and guiding light in any political dispensation, said Professor Bani Parhad in forties.

Hindu culture differs from area to area, local culture is embedded in the beliefs of called Hindu. Thus we see in South India cow is scarified. BJPs philosophy is thus rooted in this Hindu mentality. Akhand Bharat is thus their ultimate objective. Hindus are superior creed and all others either merge or accept second rate citizenry. Not that Congress believed in otherwise but they in modern day world clothed it in the mantra of secularism.

BJP Unleashed war on other communities. Thus we see rising scale of deaths not only in Kashmir but all over India. Creation of Pakistan to a die hard Hindu is an unforgivable sin and they blame Nehru and other leaders of before partition. Existing Pakistan, lip service apart, is a thorn in their heart. Their intense hatred towards Muslims, who ruled them, and other communities in general make Hindus of India unique in the world. Now even Sikhs have realised their mistakes in not understanding true nature of Hindu Mentality. This mind set and phenomenon is giving rise to violence and resistance against Hindu hegemony. Before partition Jinnah realised very early and asked for separate home land.

At All India Muslim League Convention in Calcutta in 1938 he told the Muslims that Muslims League endeavour is not only freedom from British but also from Perpetual slavery of Hindu. To support this, what Jinnah and Muslim leadership then concluded from various Hindu scholars, Pandits, political leadership and scores of others belonging to other walk of life, like, Swami Teerath Raj, even Hegel. The list is long .

This intense hatred to other communities also even extended to low cast .Sevaji who glorified Marhatta Raj and fought against Moughal’s was refused to be crowned as Chitra Patti by Pandits as he was not a Brahman. BagiRao,s marriage and his son were never accepted Pandits. The Hindu lived as subjects under Muslims rulers for centuries as separate communities. On arrival of British, the Master changed, they switched their allegiance immediately, and the hatred against Muslims surfaced.

Today after seventy years of the independence when the British left, on the surface it is shining India but under current is horrendous. The mentality prevails.Centrifugal forces are in full swing. There is great gravitational pull in South to move away. Assam and seven sister states are up in arms with a desire of separation. Full Eastern Command is committed to control. Hatred prevail in Tamils. About two hundred districts are in virtual control of Maoist elements in central India. Independent Sikh movement has again gained strength and of Kashmir is slipping. This inferno is clothed under shining India cloak. This is giving rise, but natural, to home grown terrorism in India. Political elite, Defence and Security experts are quick to blame Muslims in India and Pakistan. This is easiest tool to divert public opinion from actual cause of unrest. On the other it is easy to suppress Muslims through draconian laws .Unbridled powers are given to security forces in Kashmir and in the eastern states.

In this milieu, Pakistan is going to be under further pressure to divert Indian public opinion. Any incident by internal dissenting groups and or staged managed will be lumped on Pakistan, a la Bombay Blasts. Event, short conventional adventure is possible as part of offensive strategy, or as, the large segment of Indian Hawkish planners call for Pakistan Nuclear challenge, which they term it a Pakistan bluff.

The writer is a retired Brigadier, decorated in 1965-71 wars with SJ, SI (M), IS Gallantry (BAR). Is Secretary General Pakistan Russia Business Forum and is a Graduate from NDC. He can be reached at:

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