India’s hegemonic designs

It is very unfortunate that India is hell-bent to fulfill its hegemonic designs in the region. Just imagine, India has virtually annexed occupied Kashmir by deleting article 370 of the Indian Constitution. It is an illegal act and against the wishes of Kashmiri people as well as Pakistan who is a party to the disputed territory.
India has also flouted the various Security Council resolutions of UNO which call for plebiscite to determine whether the people of Kashmir want to live with Pakistan or India. Now with the abrogation of the article 370 from the Indian constitution, India has virtually occupied the valley. This act of Indian Prime Minister has been condemned by the Indian National Congress whose spokesman in the Lok Saba called it as a black day for India as it will make the issue of Kashmir more complicated and the relations between India and Pakistan will further deteriorate pushing for a war like situation.
The entire people of Kashmir have rejected this Indian act while Ali Gillani has called for the support of Muslim Ummah to put pressure on India to withdraw the clause 370 and stop genocide of Kashmiri Muslims who have been fighting for their rights for the last 70 years. Almost one lakh Kashmiri people have laid down their lives to obtain their rights of self-determination from India whose half a million army has been using all the rough and brutal methods over Kashmiri people to subjugate them. India also wants to change the demography of occupied Kashmir by turning it as Hindu dominated area. The extremist PM of India also wants to scrap article 35A so that people from all over India can buy property in occupied Kashmir which was not allowed by the past Kashmiri Sikh rulers. By scraping this article the properties of Kashmiri people will be forcefully bought making them homeless where they were living since centuries. Moreover it is necessary to mention that Kashmir has never been the part of India and it always remained independent even during the British Raj. The Dogra Raj also maintained its independence. Now with the deletion of article 370, the entire situation of Kashmir has changed and it’s now virtually the part of Indian territory, unacceptable to the people of occupied Kashmir as well Pakistan.
However now is the time for US President Donald Trump to act as he had assured the PM of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan that he would mediate between India and Pakistan to resolve the nagging issue of Kashmir causing tension in South Asia. If US president does not fulfill his promise asking Indian PM to behave like civilized person to avoid war with Pakistan on this issue, situation can become serious. In fact, Pakistan is party to Kashmir problem as manifested in the Security Council resolution. The US administration, it is said, is watching the situation and has requested India not to increase war-like situation over LOC. Turkey has announced full support to Pakistan and the people of Kashmir against India’s imperialist designs. The OIC has called for an emergency meeting to discuss the Kashmir issue.The Parliament of Pakistan is discussing the issue of Kashmir but are divided sending a wrong signal to India.
The people of Pakistan are deeply hurt with the behavior of Pakistani parliamentarians whose disunity in the Parliament over Kashmir issue will weaken the Kashmir’s cause as well Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts on Kashmir issue.
Meanwhile, India has dispatched 10,000 additional troops in Kashmir to suppress the agitation of Kashmiri people where already half a million Indian troops have been causing havoc in the occupied Kashmir by using cluster bombs and pallet guns. The occupied Kashmir has virtually become a big prison house in the world. Time has come for the world to take note of the Indian hegemonic designs before it is too late.

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