Indonesian envoy invites Pak businessmen to catch market

KARACHI: Consul General of Indonesia Totok Prianamto has said that Pakistani businessmen should enter into Indonesian market and explore business opportunities as there is very large scope of enhancing existing trade volume between Pakistan and Indonesia, says a Press release.
Speaking at a meeting of SITE Association of Industry (SAI), Indonesian envoy invited members of SAI to participate in Indonesian exhibitions and added that the purpose of his visit to enhance interaction and close liaison between the Association. Indonesian Consulate and make efforts to enhance trade which is increasing year by year. Last year, the trade volume was approx. USD 3.1 billion, he said.
Vice Consul Ibnu Sulhan, president of SITE Association, Suleman Chawla, SVP Saleem Nagaria, VP Farhan Ashrafi, Chairman of Diplomatic affairs & International Relations Sub-Committee Saud Mehmood, Haris Shakoor, Abdul Kadir Bilwani, Hussain Moosani, Ali Ahmed, Iqbal Godil, Altaf Hussain, Naveed Wahid and Junaid-ur-Rehman were also attended the meeting.
The envoy further said that Pakistan exports mangoes, Kinnow, rice, ethanol and textile to Indonesia and there exists huge scope to enhance trade volume
Consul General added that corona virus has badly affected business activities in many countries and advised members of SAI for more interaction with his office and for efforts to enhance trade.
“Getting business visa for Indonesia is no problem and can be issued to members of SITE Association on top priority at the earliest possible time,” he said.
Indonesia values trade with Pakistan and participates in “My Karachi” exhibition of KCCI every year. Last year, the trade volume was approximately 3.1 billion dollars, he said.
Vice Consul and in charge of Economic & Trade section, Ibnu Sulhan, highlighted trade details between the two countries and informed that exhibitions in Indonesia, products for trade as well as Indonesian businessmen lists engaged in trade with Pakistan will be shared with SITE Association of Industry in a day or two.
President of SITE Association, Suleman Chawla drew the attention of Consul General towards import of raw material from China and other countries and said that it will be a good opportunity for local businessmen to source textile raw material, mainly dyes & chemicals, from Indonesia, which may become another alternate supplier for Pakistan.
He proposed to invite Indonesian businessmen for B2B meetings with members of SITE Association of Industry, also added that good liaison is needed between SAI and Indonesia economic office.
Chairman of Diplomatic Affairs & International Relations Sub-Committee, Saud Mehmood, said that it is right time to strengthen relationship between the two countries. Indonesia and Pakistan having big population can go hand in hand with China in supplying raw material in particular which is badly affected due to corona virus these days. Other business opportunity is also available in electronic items, as mobile phone industry is popping up in Pakistan and it is a great opportunity because we don’t have any dominating players in this area but Indonesia has this edge and the expertise of competing with large players and technologically advanced countries like China and Taiwan, he said.
Senior Vice President SAI, Saleem Nagaria, said that the present government’s vision for Pakistan is to expand globally. Reliable information from the Consulate office will provide opportunity to enhance trade as Indonesia and Pakistan have already opened up their markets and right guidance is required on how to cater to the Indonesian market and increase Pakistan’s exports.

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