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International wrestlers coming to Pakistan

International wrestlers coming to Pakistan

KARACHI: Pro Wrestling Federation Pakistan (PWFP) is set to host an exhilarating “Rumble In Pakistan” wrestling event in Karachi on 28th April. The announcement was made in a press conference where PWFP wrestling stars graced the event along with the current Ultimate Champion, Raja Naveed.
Wrestlers from all over the world including USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Russia will be visiting Pakistan to take part in Rumble in Pakistan. This event will start a new era of international sports in Pakistan. Pakistani fans of wrestling will watch LIVE what they have been watching only on TV screens only so far.
Speaking at the event, President of PWFP, Noman Suleman stated that, “Events like these are imperative to revive the sport of wrestling in Pakistan. It will provide a much-needed exposure to Pakistani wrestlers necessary for them to represent Pakistan in the international matches in the near future”.
Earlier, at the start of the event, welcome address given by the host of this event, General manager Marketing, Dreamworld Resort, Hotel and Golf course, Syed Faraz-ul-Huda, who said we are just want to see the revival of Wrestling in Pakistan,which is much popular in 70s, when Gama and Bholu wrestlers fight on the sand and this fight is seen by millions of peoples here. It’s not only an interesting game but also a healthy activity for our youth.
Commenting on the launch of Rumble in Pakistan, Xenith Public Relations Group Director, Rabia Iftikhar said: “We are sure that like PSL, “Rumble In Pakistan” will not only elevate the positive image of our country but also open doors for future international events for our sports-loving public.”
With the advent of international wrestling in Pakistan, the traditional sport will revive and modernize in Pakistan and provide a healthy activity for the youth of Pakistan. Rumble in Pakistan shows to the world that Pakistan is fully capable of hosting international sports events encouraging foreign players to visit Pakistan and promote the sport in the country. All the wrestlers who are contesting were introduced on stage for media queries. They have given the assurance of their success on 28th of April that they said, “We won this tittle and seeking government support for strengthening their platform as well as the promotion of this game is very necessary. The event will be held at Dreamworld Resort, Karachi.