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Interview with S.M Muneer

Interview with S.M Muneer


Business Community always lauded for the efforts of Patron-in-Chief UBG S.M Muneer. TFD got the time to conduct the interview of seasoned businessman S.M Munir.

TFD: No doubt about it that business community looks at you with great respect due to your selfless devotion but your opponent group BMP leaders are levellingan allegation that during your tenure as C.E TDAP our exports declined and country had to bear the loss of $ 12 billion. Would you like to clarify this allegation?

SMM: No! Never. I’m the one who boostedexports by removing many trade barriers of exporters that strengthened the country’sexports but drop in the country’s exports from $25 billion to $20 billion was due to the long unresolved issues of export industry. The government had failed to reduce the cost of doing business during this period. I pointed out that the energy prices for export industry in Pakistan were very high throughout the region and manufacturing was not viable. The government had failed to bring it at par with the competing countries. Asa well-wisher of the business community and TDAP C.E,I fought for the industry throughout my stayin TDAP. The business community believed that Muneer did his best to restructure TDAP and made it a corruption-free institution. I tried to get appointment from the former P.M. Nawaz Sharif to resolve all such issues but it never happened, Ultimately, I resigned under protest from the post of Chief Executive TDAP and when I met with Prime Minister Imran Khan last week he insisted me to take the charge back but I refused due to so many bureaucratic hurdles in TDAP as well as they are not happy with me that I tried to make TDAP corruption-free. My opponent group keeping their eyes on FPCCI’s Rs.150 millionthat is why they are going to contest the elections, just for getting themselves and their supporters laid down.

TFD: Did you feel it’s the insult of our highest apex body that none of its representativesbelongs toFPCCI in the recently formed Business Economic Council of Prime Minister Imran Khan?

SMM: Imran Khan wants the FPCCI but it’s the Commerce Ministry that did not notify and invited our FPCCI leadership, but when I met with P.M Imran Khan last week,he promised to include our eight representatives and they will be includedin this Council within two weeks.

TFD: Did your upcoming UBG leadership have any new plan for the business community?

SMM: Yes, we think on national level and going to build four new buildings in Multan, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta having their infrastructure will cost around Rs200 million that will raise our income as well as coordination amongst us.

TFD: Would you like to comment on taxation system of the country? How tax net can improve?

SMM: The business community is fed up from taxation system that needs reforms and Prime Minister is seriously working on it. I hope he would do it. We have lot of hopes from him that he is firm on his words and will eliminate corruption from this country, which is the root cause of all evil deeds and letting down this nation. We are standing with him and will strongly support his leadership but they have to formulate business friendly economic policies. Government has to give FBR under our control as we pay the taxes and we can collect the taxes and can achieve the government tax return targets. Secondly, nobody is allowed to start business without NTN No.- I.Z.s