An interview with Tariq Malik

Agha Masood

KARACHI: Tariq Malik, President of KATI has advised the incoming government headed by Imran Khan to set the direction of the government in first hundred days so that the people of Pakistan should know that the incumbent Prime Minister meant business by strictly paving the way for good governance as present crises facing Pakistan was because of bad governance and rampant corruption.

He was however happy to note that Imran khan has already decided to adopt austerity to save huge money and lead a simple life. Since the government is facing massive economic crisis, the President of KATI advised him to bring back the looted money stored in foreign banks by Pakistanis including businessmen, politicians and the bureaucrats to overcome the economic crisis.

He further said that by increasing the tax net (lowest in Pakistan) a great amount of money would be generated to boost economic growth and development.

Tariq Malik hailed the opinion of the incoming Finance Minister, Asad Omer to privatize the sick industries to save huge amount given to them as subsidy. Tariq Malik hoped that the new government under the dynamic leadership of Imran Khan would pay especial attention to the CPEC for its speedy development especially the projects related to energy sector as the load shedding is still persistent strangulating industrial growth.

He expressed the hope that all stakeholders will extend their helping hand to the new government to overcome various challenges particularly in economic and social domain.

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