Int’l Throwball Coaching ends

Int'l Throwball Coaching ends

KARACHI: The two-day International Throwball Coaching Course 2018 organised by Pakistan Throwball Federation at Generation’s School in collaboration with Asian Throwball Federation & Sindh Sports Board, Sindh Throwball Association, concluded here Tuesday.
As many as 280 students, sports teachers, coaches, umpires, and officials from Sindh and Balochistan provinces to attended the course.
During these two days, Muhammad Romesh Mihraj Coach from Sri Lanka conducted traning session in ground and training for throwball skills, technical points, footwork, throwing and who can use one step jumping throw.
Robin Yamin, Additional Director FIA Sindh, Senior Vice President Pakistan Throwball Federation was the Chief Guest and Maqbool Arain Secrectary PTF present shields to Robin Yamin, Naila Siddqui, Vice Principal of Generation’s School.
Robin Yamin, gave shields and gift hampers to PTF and STA officials and also handed over certificates to all school teams and coaches, sports teachers and participants.
Those who addressed the closing ceremony included: Jaffar Ali, Vice President, PTF; Adnan Tareen, Secretary Sindh Throwball Association; Adnan Vohra, Chairmen, KTA; Ivan Fedrick, Secretary KTA, Arshad Khan Coodinator PTF; Saman Anwer, Secretary SWTA, Darakshan Ehsan, Secretary SWTA; Arshad Razak Member PTF; Kiran Vohra, President KTA; Razimana Sultan, Secretary KTA, Shoaib Ulhaq; Abu Suyfan, Coach Throwball; Aisha Razak, Coach Pakistan Girls teams and Secretary Balochistan Throwball Association; and Ibhraim Sheikh, Coodinator, Generation School.