Iran under sanctions once again

From time to time, we see Iran being subjected to various sorts of snags by anti-Muslim forces. The latest is the fresh sanctions against Iran. Yes, the US President Trump has once again clamped sanctions against Iran, this time on Ayatullah Khamenei, the spiritual leader of Iranian nation which in my opinion would further escalate tension between the USA and Iran.
Earlier the US President avoided direct confrontation with Iran by ordering hisarmed forces not to attack Iran in retaliation to the downing of his drone by Iranian airforce despite that fact that his cabinet members like Foreign Secretary and John Bolton wanted attack against Iran should take place. However, Trump has warned Iran that his plan to use military force against his country is very much on the table. In other words the danger of war in the Gulf region has not averted, it might occur at any moment as per the desire of US president as he is the sole authority to take decision on this vital issue. According to well-placed sources in Karachi, the USA will keep war pressure on Iran unless the Iranian leadership agrees to talk to US administration to resolve the issues like agreement on Nuclear programme which has been suspended by the unilateral withdrawal of USA last year from the international agreement, signed by Five Plus One. The Iranian leadership does not want to negotiate on nuclear issue as it is already settled but the US wants to discuss it further to include some more points like Iran’s missile programs.
Meanwhile the Arab nations in the region are against Iran as they consider Iran as a direct threat to their sovereignty. In fact the case is otherwise. Iran is no direct threat to Arab nations in the region nor it is in the interest of Iran to spoil her relations with Arab nations but there are foreign forces which want Arab nations and Iran to remain daggers drawn against each other, which were the forces who convinced Arabs that Islamic revolution of 1979 will challenge their rule and power, hence Saddam Hussain was used to wage a war against Iran killing more than 1.5 million people on both sides. It was Muslim blood which flowed for no reason except satisfying the foreign forces which till today want perpetual war like situation in the Gulf region. To my mind attack on Iran under any pretext by USA will unleash Third World War as most of the countries think and rightly so that USA is the only nation in the world who does not believe in the peaceful co-existence rather maneuvers war to run its military establishment. Pakistan has good relations with Iran and so with rest of the Arab nations, its only suggestion to USA is to avoid war and let friendly countries mediate between USA and Iran to diffuse the tension in the region as tried by the Japanese Prime Minister Abe indeed.

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