Iran-US rift and the role of Pakistan

It is evident beyond the shred of doubt and a well-established fact that treaties hold a vanguard position in the arena of international politics. Unfortunately, US the sole super power of the world is plunging into the quagmire of distrust and promise broker. If we check the annals of history it can easily be palpable that relation between the two adversaries has been mostly at the loggerheads. In 1984, US designated Iran as state sponsoring terrorism. The current rift between the two is compelling the region into further chaos, uncertainty and contains the seeds of destabilization to wreak havoc in the region.
Iran nuclear deal was the water shedding movement in the world politics that has given chance to peace. Above all, to save the world from the ferociousness of nuclear armed race. On July14, 2015 was a major breakthrough. On this historic day nuclear deal was signed among the Iran and six major powers with the acronym P5+1. Hence, Tehran got sanctions relief and access to 100 billion dollars in the foreign accounts. Moreover, Iran has emerged as an important state on the world stage to play its legitimate role in the world affairs.
Sadly, optimism was ephemeral as soon as Donald Trump entered an oval office. On 12th may he announced to unilaterally withdraw from the agreement because of plethora of reasons. The secretary of state Mike Pompeo has figured out 12 basic requirements which the US wants Iran to meat. Like, Iran must end support to Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic jihad, respect Iraq’s sovereignty, end support to the Houthis in Yemen, withdraw all forces under Iranian command from Syria, end support for the Afghanistan Taliban and end the Islamic Revolutionary Guards’ support terrorist and militant partners. So, it can easily be noticeable that recent policy of brinkmanship and war hysteria showed by America is plunging g the region in the fold of catastrophe.
The US has deployed a naval aircraft carrier, B-52 bombers at an airbase in Qatar and F-15 jets are the clear indication that world is at the brink of war. Most importantly, US have threatened all the countries to stop trading with the Iran especially in the oil sector which contributes 60 % of Iran’s total economy. It is the hard time for Iran to dismantle itself from the snare of these sanctions.
In this whole scenario role of Saudi Arabia cannot be ignored as a matter of fact Saudi enjoys a considerable influence on the US intelligentsia for three reasons. First, Saudi Arabia is the biggest importer of US arms. Secondly, after the Iranian revolution Saudis considers Iran as a major threat to its kingdom and lastly, Saudis produces 12.4 million barrels of oil on daily basis. So in this prevailing situation Saudi plays a consequential role to fulfill its own interests.
It is inevitable to circumvent Pakistan from the regional affairs owing to its strategic location on the globe. Pakistan must not take part and find a middle ground that can serve its interests in the best possible manner. There is no denying that it is a Hercules task for Pakistan. On the one hand Iran is the immediate neighbor while on the other hand iron handed relationship with the Saudi has placed Pakistan between the devil and the deep blue sea. In addition to this, 2 million Pakistani’s reside in Saudi Arabia and sending remittances of 4.2 billion USD and Saudis have always helped Pakistan to beef up its economy.
It would not be unfair to summarize that war is looming large over the region but it is need of the hour that both US and Iran sit together to follow the path of reconciliation to save the world from another war. In this regard, Pakistan’s role is very critical to provide its good offices to give chance to peace.

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