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Irrational Kabul govt approach towards Pakistan in evolving Afghan situation


Pakistan is a facilitator to peace process in Afghanistan but not a guarantor to peace as its responsibility solely lies with Afghan government. Unfortunately the United Nation Security Council UNSCSC, under India’s Presidency for the month of August, held a meeting on the current state of affairs in Afghanistan on August 6 Friday. Pakistan was not invited to attend the meeting.
United Nations UN world forum is being used to propagate false and negative narrative against Pakistan while deliberately keeping it deprived to present its stand point, which shows its clear bias against the country which played a very positive, constructive and substantial role in mediating the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan and played a key role in realizing the US-Taliban negotiations and signing of the peace agreement aimed at ending the war in Afghanistan on February 29 2021.
Pakistan has also been hosting over three million Afghan refugees for decades despite its meagre resources & in order to seek regional peace, Pakistan has worked with the relevant parties of the international community hence successfully persuading the Afghan Taliban to accept the offer of peace talks. There is no military solution to Afghanistan but sincere intra- Afghan dialogue required for broad-based, inclusive, comprehensive, complete political settlement & for lasting peace in the country but ironically incumbent Afghan government under President Ashraf Ghani has opted a very rigid and confrontational strategy and stance towards Taliban to spoil peace in Afghanistan.
Kabul regime arrogantly refusing to get engaged with the Taliban towards a broader peace and stability of Afghanistan negating the ground realities that Taliban are there to stay & strategic and rigid attitude blunders of Ashraf Ghani risks a resurgence of terrorism as Taliban have already outlasted a superpower through nearly 19 years of grinding war. If the USA could not beat them, then Afghan government surely can’t crush them at all. There needs to be a negotiated solution rather than military to ensure a lasting peace the country could split in two or be plunged into a decades-long civil war unless political discussions could be resumed back by Afghan government who is not only undermining the sincere role of Pakistan but also underestimating the Taliban who have 60,000 active fighters and tens of thousands of part-time armed men and it has already captured 70% of the country.
China very wisely as a major regional state invited Taliban leadership for talks and urged them to play an important role in ending Afghanistan’s war and rebuilding of the country, the meeting took place after an invitation from Chinese authorities. The visit cement Taliban’s recognition on the international level.
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken remarked about China / Taliban dialogue as a “positive thing” if Beijing was promoting a peaceful resolution to the war and “some kind of (Afghan) government … that’s truly representative and inclusive.”
China also positively reiterated its commitment of continuation of their assistance with Afghans and said they will not interfere in Afghanistan’s issues but will help to solve the problems and restoration of peace in the country.
Russian Federation earlier also invited Taliban in Moscow for detail discussion, which included future format of Afghan Government which is tacit approval and recognition for the Taliban as the future regime in Kabul.
A delegation of Taliban also visited Tehran on the invitation of Iranian government. The meeting was an important part of Iran’s foreign policy to develop channels of talks with the various factions in Afghanistan involved in the country’s peace process. Though, theoretically both Tehran and Taliban views contradicts with each other. Tehran proposed to mediate the crisis and chaos caused by the U.S. occupation.
Taliban also enjoys a close liaison with bordering Central Asian states and Pakistan from geographical & contiguity perspective between these states and Afghanistan.
The frequent interactions between Taliban, USA and with other major regional powers indicates that, they will not pose threat to the sovereignty of any of them & hence seeks assurance for their recognition upon taking over the power in Afghanistan; creating a win-win situation under expected evolving international political scenario.
Incumbent Kabul regime is responsible for fast-deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and should refrain itself from bashing Pakistan for its failures. The baseless accusations made by the Afghan Representative in UN Security Council are quite ridiculous. Pakistan should not be declared responsible for failed strategies of others.
World is witness that Pakistan has always facilitated the Afghan peace process with utmost sincerity, the people of Afghanistan have to decide their own future as Pakistan neither has any involvement nor has any favorites in Afghanistan.
Pakistan on numerous occasions have categorically stated that it will never allow its soil to be used against Afghanistan at any cost.
It’s quite condemnable that Afghanistan along with India cunningly and viciously misused international forum of United Nations to malign Pakistan and undermining its efforts for lasting peace efforts in Afghanistan.
Kabul deliberately violated diplomatic norms and mechanisms of holding talks on dialogues table if it was having any sort of resentment and reservations against Pakistan. They should talk directly to Pakistan. Only, recently Pakistan exposed ill intentions of Afghanistan worldwide when melodrama of so called abduction of Afghan ambassador’s daughter was created on social media. Even then, Pakistan shared all the details and evidences with the Afghan delegation as their moral responsibility.
It’s highly deplorable to make Pakistan a scapegoat for the failures of others. Pakistan has already paid a heavy price for peace establishment in Afghanistan thus mutual efforts required to achieve the aim of prosperity for the masses of both sides instead of indulging in futile exercise of blame game. Afghanistan is against Pakistan from day first and deeply distrust later.
The evolving situation indicates that in Afghanistan the countryside will gradually slip further out of Kabul’s control, with the Taliban and its allies by the end of 2022.There is strong urge for a flexible reconciliatory approach at both ends; Ghani administration as well as the Taliban.
Pakistan’s efforts to advance the Afghan peace process and stability in South Asia should be appreciated and encouraged globally. Pakistan and Afghanistan should build cordial relations & both countries should try to find a solution to resolve the issue otherwise masses will suffer and the outcome will not be in the interest of any country. President Ghani government should shun its irrational attitude towards both Taliban and Pakistan as Afghanistan situation is seriously volatile and USA has lost appetite after its humiliating occupation of the region for 20 years. All the regional countries must facilitate a peaceful transition through a political process which is possible only through a philanthropic and encompassing approach.