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IRSA Releases 215,600 Cusecs of Water Amid Rising Inflows

ISLAMABAD – The Indus River System Authority (IRSA) released 215,600 cusecs of water from various rim stations on Monday, with an inflow recorded at 282,800 cusecs. This decision comes amid rising water levels in key dams and rivers across the country.

Water Levels at Major Dams

  • Tarbela Dam: The water level stands at 1465.74 feet, which is 67.74 feet above its dead level of 1,398 feet. The dam recorded an inflow of 124,700 cusecs and an outflow of 70,000 cusecs.
  • Mangla Dam: The water level is at 1182.05 feet, 134.05 feet above its dead level of 1,050 feet. The inflow and outflow of water at Mangla Dam are 42,500 cusecs and 30,000 cusecs, respectively.

Release at Key Points

  • Kalabagh: 126,300 cusecs
  • Taunsa: 111,000 cusecs
  • Guddu: 127,100 cusecs
  • Sukkur: 86,600 cusecs

River Flows

  • River Kabul: 77,700 cusecs of water released at Nowshera.
  • River Chenab: 7,300 cusecs released at Marala.

The increased water releases come as part of IRSA’s efforts to manage the water resources effectively amid fluctuating inflows. The careful regulation of water levels is crucial for agricultural needs, hydropower generation, and ensuring adequate supply downstream.


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