Is it a parliament?

If you watch the federal parliament or the provincial assemblies especially the Sindh assembly, you will be disappointed to see them calling names to one another. The opposition parties sitting in the National Assembly have been trying to discredit the present government by using the unparliamentry language.

In retaliation the members of the treasury branches also use the language which do not suit the legislators. The members of the opposition parties, it seems, have decided to fail Imran Khan government only because he has decided to arrest corrupt politicians who have looted national exchequer.

Therefore they are trying to create hurdles in the smooth running of the parliament so that no meaningful legislation is passed. The infighting in the parliament has sent a very negative image of these elected representatives whose main motive should be the solving of their socio economic problems, but their bad performance witnessed in the federal and provincial parliaments, speak volume of their misconduct as well no commitment to bring about change in the society which sends them in the parliament. While in the parliament they behave like street urchins, What a shame! The behavior of the opposition in the parliament is against all the norms of democracy, on the contrary they are making fun of democracy.

If such nasty attitude of the opposition and some members of the treasury continues, the people will lose faith in the democracy as well in the elections which is hall mark of democracy. One senior journalist has rightly said that the members of the opposition parties PPP and Muslim League-N do not want Imran Khan Government to be successful, hence their acrimonious attitude manifest their mind set, all they want from the Government is not to arrest them on corruption charges, but Imran Khan will not bow down before their wishes, they have to face the corruption charges in the courts, moreover the corruption charges against Nawaz, Shahbaz and Zardari were leveled by the previous governments.

However if the behavior of the opposition parties do not change and the Assemblies do not perform their basic duty i.e legislation, then it is quite possible that the present setup might be dissolved in the larger interest of the nation to be replaced by a National Government comprising good and honest people who would concentrate on good governance solving the problems of common man like creating jobs, good education and health care system in the country. The most nagging problem faced by the nation is how to push growth in the national economy, at present the economic growth is not more than four percent which might grow to five percent when the National Budget will be announced in June, even five growth will not be able to solve various problems faced by the people. Therefore the opposition and ruling parties have to sit together to evolve a formula helpful for the passage of bills which would, in coming days, might send positive signals to the nation that the politicians are mature enough to face challenges and solve them making Pakistan strong economically and socially.

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