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Is KSA playing a double on US behest?


Maybe it is a loud opinion but suddenly the upset in Jerusalem is not looking like an isolated incident because the relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, and UAE, with the blessings of Washington are planned in such a way that it will change the scenario in the Muslim world, particularly in the region. So the Saudi government who were playing the game with instructions from America on both sides especially in Afghanistan did not realize that Beijing, Tehran and Turkey will give them an open hand for doing whatever they want. So the recent upsurge of violence in Jerusalem must be linked in some way with Iran and Turkey in order to engage them in the Middle East.
On the other hand abrupt rise in the Taliban attacks in Afghanistan are very significant and cannot be taken lightly. Because how can the US forces exit Kabul if these suicide attacks continue? Therefore, Saudi Arabia, on the one hand, want US forces to remain there and for this they need Islamabad: for civilian and military help.
The recent General Bajwa’s visit first to to Jeddah and then to Kabul is part of all this on a broader canvas. We cannot reach a simple and conclusive statement at this juncture especially when there are so many ifs and buts involved in this rapidly developing situation.
My observation is this: that the US forces are not likely to leave Kabul anytime soon. And again, Islamabad, Saudia and to some extent Ashraf Ghani’s government in Kabul, will play a significant role in the near future. Very interestingly, the Delhi rulers, who are trying to tackle the dangerous covid-19 crisis in their country are not in a position to play any role in this regional development.