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Is the government caught in its own trap?


Tehreek-e-Lubaik Pakistan (TLP) staged a sit-in in Islamabad against the publication of insulting sketches of the Prophet Muhammad in a French magazine. On the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan; Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Anwar-ul-Haq Qadri, Interior Minister Brigadier Syed Ijaz Shah, Advisor to Home Minister Shehzad Akbar, Home Secretary and the commissioner of Islamabad held talks with Khadim Hussain Rizvi (late), the head of TLP. As a result of which an agreement was reached as if the government had not made it public but TLP had shared the agreement on social media. Today, government spokesmen are acknowledging that we had agreed with TLP on the same terms. The agreement was reached in November 2020, in which it was approved that the government would deport the French ambassador within two to three months after legislation was passed by parliament. Second, Pakistan’s ambassador to France will also not be appointed. Third, all French products will be boycotted and the last demand was to issue a notification for the release of all workers. If this agreement is not implemented, another agreement was reached between the TLP and the government in February under which till the French ambassador was given a respite to fulfill his promise of deportation.
The government in its first agreement clearly promised to deport the French ambassador and today Imran Khan is saying that if the French ambassador is deported, the European Union will be enraged with us and we will suffer financially. Did Imran Khan ask his negotiating committee what kind of agreement it has made. It is not possible to implement it. Nor did Imran Khan bring this agreement in the House nor did he take Parliament into confidence.
Talks were going on between Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid and TLP when Allama Saad Hussain Rizvi, the head of TLP was suddenly arrested. What happened after that across the country can only be regretted. Until four days ago, the Home Minister and the Minister for Religious Affairs were calling TLP a terrorist organization. The government of Pakistan also formed a committee of scholars of the country who went to the jail and met Saad Rizvi and then a committee of key members of the Punjab government and the Federal government. On the one hand, the government has banned TLP by accusing it of being a terrorist organization, while talks are also being held with the same organization. It is being heard that the banned TLP has also demanded the removal of Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid in its demand. Imran Khan has clearly stated that the return of the French ambassador will not benefit Pakistan. Only Sheikh Rashid should be sacked on the demand of TLP. On the one hand, PEMRA is forbidding the media from broadcasting news of the banned TLP and on the other hand, it is being directed to run their own statements.
TLP, which won a total of 2,191,679 votes in the 2018 National Assembly seats. In Punjab, 18 lakh 76 thousand votes were cast for the Provincial Assembly seats while TLP from Sindh got 441 thousand votes. At present, they have three seats in the Sindh Assembly. In the recent Daska elections in Punjab, where there was a fork competition between the Muslim League and the PTI; Muhammad Khalil Sindhu (the candidate of TLP) quietly got 8,268 votes. While in the same election The leadership of Ahl-e-Sunnat-e-Jamaat, which is active in the name, used the platform of Rah-e-Haq for the elections. The Rah-e-Haq party has not won a single seat from Jhang, the headquarters of the banned Sipah-e-Sahaba. As a religious party, TLP has emerged as the fourth largest party to get votes. This party has once again revived Barelvi politics and surfaced as a strong stakeholder. The party has the support of Barelvi madrassas across the country. Astonishingly, the number of workers of this party should not be in thousands but in lakhs. A glimpse of which was seen by the nation at the funeral of Khadim Hussain Rizvi, the founder of TLP.
Sheikh Rashid should have been well aware of the street power of TLP. However, why did he leave the path of dialogue and ban TLP? It is a question mark in itself. Perhaps Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet are aware of this. It was not that religious and political parties across the country would also stand with TLP. On Monday, Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman, former chairman of Ruwit-e-Hilal Committee and the platform of Ahl-e-Sunnat organizations announced a nationwide shutter down and wheel jam strike. Shutter down in major cities across the country has been successful on the call of Ahl-e-Sunnat Ulema. Almost all major markets in Karachi and Lahore have remained almost closed. It is possible to solve the problem based on.
Earlier, talks were going on between the government and TLP, but now the parties of the country have also united on this extreme and sensitive issue. The situation has become more difficult for PTI than before. The government first said, “Tehreek-e-Lubaik Pakistan is involved in terrorism and other heinous crimes in the country. This party is involved in inciting the people in the country and creating chaos.” Today, the government is negotiating with the same party and making it a hero. In politics, one right decision of yours has taken you to the top and one wrong decision throws you into the abyss.
There is no hope from the Home Minister that he will not withdraw the notification to abolish the government in a few days. The Supreme Court has yet to annul the TLP. The government will have to go to the Supreme Court with a lot of evidence. That is, there are still tests of love. It seems that this time the government is stuck in its own trap.
The elements who challenged the state writ across the country in the name of protesting the arrest of the TLP leader and who damaged police and government property should definitely be prosecuted and those involved should be punished. But for two days after that, who will give an account of the atrocities committed against the workers of TLP in Lahore. Will the Prime Minister seek an answer from his most promising Home Minister? Question arises here that the game of changing the ministries, which Prime Minister has been playing for three years, will he be able to change the batting number of Sheikh Rashid this time or will he give him a rest?