Islamophobia: Threat to global peace

At the UN Pakistan demanded higher global efforts to oppose the growing intolerance against Muslims. As a consequence of intense nationalist and populist ideologies in the US and West growing bias against Islam was becoming more and more commonplace. The Pakistani envoy expressed views after the adoption of a resolution titled “Combating terrorism and other acts of violence based on religion or belief”. The resolution was listed in the General Assembly by Turkey’s Foreign Minister, in reaction to the recent Islamophobic terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was countersigned by Pakistan and adopted by consent with the support of 40 other cosponsors. Pakistan was among the centre group of 9 countries that led the procedure which completed effectively with the passage of the resolution. Pakistan by this resolution the 193-member world body had sent a hard message of its shared dedication to stand collective against racial and religious dislike. The Christchurch attack could not be observed in solitude. It was only the latest display of an increasing marvel that is ingrained in hate, fanaticism, and the secular ideology of racial and white supremacy. This is primarily due to the rise of so called doctrines in tolerant US and Western democracies. This was seen in policies makers in an effort at creating obstacles against dislocated populations, and attempts to belittle Islamic beliefs on the excuse of freedom of expression. In this context social media companies are held responsible for violence or increase hatred. Pakistan urged the need to increase efforts to boost a global dialogue on the promotion of cultivation of toleration and peace. Pakistan, will remain devoted to continue its efforts to construct bridges of knowledge and restrict those who attempt to built walls of intolerance and hatred. Pakistan paid tribute to the Shaheed of Christchurch and declared solidarity with the people and the government of New Zealand. It paid respect to the nine martyrs from Pakistan and emphasized the heroism of Naeem Rasheed, who tried to stop the terrorist from killing others. The UN General Assembly with one voice adopted a resolution, jointly authored by Pakistan that vigorously condemns the ongoing violence and acts of terrorism attacking individuals, as well as persons belonging to religious minorities, based on religion or belief. After the passage of the resolution that denounced the recent Islamophobic terrorist attack in New Zealand, Pakistani Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi underlined the rise of intense nationalistic and populist ideologies in the West and also in Pakistan’s neighborhood. In this regard India’s Hindutva ideology, was giving rise to narrow mindedness, and anti-Muslim hatred. Moreover, United Nation General Assembly urged the states to protect and promote freedom of religion and belief and to a domestic of religious tolerance, peace and respect.
Turkish leader demands battle against Islamophobia. They say it is like the one against Semitism after the Holocaust. Erdogan stated that the sympathy and oneness shown towards Muslims by New Zealand’s prime minister should be a sample for all world leaders. He openly said that as humanity fought against anti-Semitism after the Holocaust disaster, it should fight against increasing Islamophobia in the same resolute manner. He told in an emergency meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. In a speech at the meeting of Muslim foreign ministers in Istanbul, Erdogan also commended the feelings shown by the New Zealand government and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in the wake of the attack. Turkish leaders have shown against Islamophobic actions across the world Erdogan, electioneering for local elections this month, has displayed the attack as an attack on Islam and has demanded the West do further to counter Islamophobia. Erdogan also mentioned Australia with remarks about anti-Muslim Australians being sent back in “coffins. The accused gunman, a self- acknowledge white supremacist from Australia, attack and spread a manifesto on social media claiming it was an attack against Muslim “invaders”. New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters comforted the assembly that Muslims living in the country would be harmless and secure in spite of the dastardly attacks in Christchurch. Police would be on duty at every mosque to ensure people can pray in peace. There is a high police presence throughout the country. There are new strict gun control measures already announced and New Zealand will face the way that social media is used to spread disgusting hate.
Anti-Muslim feeing is on the rise in the UK, even since the outcome of the New Zealand terror attacks. The Metropolitan Police in London stated no trustworthy information had been received to indicate any attacks were premeditated carried out, one year on, fear threaten above Britain’s 4.1 million-strong Muslim community. In advance of to the New Zealand attacks, British police recorded a general rise in hate crime directed at people in England and Wales because of their religious beliefs. About 52 percent of all offences were targeted at Muslims. Social media companies are not providing evidence speedily enough. Police authorities pressed any Muslims living or travelling in the UK who feel at risk to report all hate crimes to the police.
Charles Kupperman is the increase to the Trump administration with connection to anti-Muslim group.US President Trump has tightened to block travellers from several Muslim-majority countries. The Council for American Islamic Relations has called on the Trump administration to cancel Kupperman’s appointment. During his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump called for a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the US. Since coming to office in January 2017, he has issued a heap of executive orders, some of which have been challenged in courts, seeking to stop entry for travellers from several Muslim-majority countries. In October, during the midterm elections, the Muslim Advocates group released a report documenting 80 instances of political candidates using “clear anti-Muslim” rhetoric in 2017 and 2018.

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