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Italian Embassy in Islamabad supports Indian Co for visa outsource services


Special Report

ISLAMABAD: Embassy of Italy in Islamabad initiated/advertised a ‘Tender for Outsourcing Service Concession’ (visa outsourcing) on 1st April 2021. Against this tender total five companies participated and their details are; two Pakistani companies Gerry’s International and AEG Travel Services along with TLS Group S.A from Luxembourg, Almaviva S.p.A from Italy and BLS International Services Limited from India submitted their bid to win.
With couple of top Pakistani companies in the race along-with of top European players in this sector, a surprise winner BLS International, not only raised eyebrows everywhere but also doubts.
The reason why awarding of this tender to BLS International is such a surprise, is because BLS International is an Indian company with their Corporate Head Office located in New Delhi, India. Apart of being an Indian company they also don’t have any office here in Pakistan. They rely on local courier company for all of their operations.
Embassy of Italy in Islamabad clearly showed their biasness against other bidding companies as the news for BLS International’s victory started creating waves through online portals on the 29th September 2021, whereas the bid officially opened on the 1st of October 2021 at 14:30 PM at the Italian Embassy in Islamabad. This clearly shows clear biased attitude of the Italian Embassy in Islamabad to support an Indian company on Pakistani soil.