Jamil Naqsh Museum inaugurated to honour the renowned artist

KARACHI: Paying tribute to one of Pakistan’s most renowned artists, the Jamil Naqsh Museum has opened its doors to the public. The museum houses all of Naqsh’s major works and reflects the culture of the subcontinent, says a Press release.
The inauguration was graced by art enthusiasts and various notable figures, who all cameto pay homage to the artist and his work. The opening exhibition highlighted Naqsh’s work from the early 1960s to the start of 2000s.
Speaking at the inauguration, chief guest for the occasion and opposition leader Senate, Aitzaz Ahsan, said, “Jamil Naqsh is a renowned name in the world of art. Living abroad has not dampened his love for the traditions of our nation. Over the years, his contributions have helped highlight our traditions and talent on the international forum. It has been an honor being present today to pay tribute to the great artist”.
He highlighted the importance of art in Pakistan, “Jamil Naqsh and his art are a point of pride for our nation. His contribution has made it possible for the world to view our traditions in a way that doesn’t need a language.”
A congregation of Jamil Naqsh’s friends gave way to the idea of commemorating the artist’s work. The idea of the museum fulfilled a twofold purpose; displaying of Jamil Naqsh’s work to the public, and contributing to Karachi’s local art scene.
“The Jamil Naqsh Museum will hold a great significance for the city of Karachi in coming years. The idea behind setting up a whole museum dedicated to the artist’s work was to provide the younger generation a place which inspires them to do something similar in the field of art,” added Dr. Setna, a trustee of the foundation.
Jamil Naqsh, a contemporary artist, is a master of texture, light and space; which are often the backbone of his art. His artwork depicts the female form, which is often paired with pigeons and other subjects of nature. Throughout his career, his paintings have been grounded in tradition, usually depicting his subjects from Mughal era.
The artist has received a host of awards commending his work, the most prestigious amongst them being the Shakir Ali Award, the Sitar-e-Imtiaz, and the President’s Pride of Performance.
This Museum, by the friends of Jamil Naqsh, is not only a tribute to his contribution to the world of art, but also looks to inspire upcoming generation of artists.

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