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Jeep accident in Mansehra kills 8 family members

Source: ARY News

Around 8 family members died and 8 more were injured when their jeep plunged into the River Indus on Thursday night in Mansehra.

Police and other rescue officials immediately rushed towards the scene to aid the injured and the dead.  The deceased as well as the injured were quickly shifted to a nearby hospital after they were rescued from the ravine. Police claimed the family was enroute to a hospital in Dasu when their jeep lurched into the river.

The police also claimed that all injured and deceased belonged to the same family and were on their way to take a patient to a hospital in Dasu.

They further added that the accident occurred during a sharp turn when the driver lost control of the jeep which caused the jeep to take a fatal plunge.

Previously on July 10, around 4 people lost their lives and 6 people were severely injured in a similar accident when their vehicle plunged into a deep ravine in Haripur. Police and rescue officials rushed to the scene and shifted the injured and the deceased to a hospital. Rescue officials claimed the vehicle had 22 passengers on board and were headed to Nara Amazai.