Journalist serves Rs4mn damage suit against UBL


KARACHI: The United Bank Limited (UBL) has been served with a legal notice of damage suit of 4 million rupees by MSS Associate Law Firm, on behalf of Javed Mahmood Chief Editor Corporate Ambassador & founding-member of Karachi Editors Club.

The Legal Notice had been sent to the Khayaban-e-Shahmshir branch of the UBL for following reasons:

On 08-12-2017 the client (who is maintaining his account 101-1259-3 with UBL Khayaban-e-Shamshir branch) tried to make payment to Facebook twice for the advertisement of 12th Corporate Awards through his UBL ATM cards, UBL deducted the amounts from the client’s card, but the said payment was not transferred to the Facebook, for which my client lodged complaint to your bank but no one has bothered to reply timely properly and to take action on my client’s complaint. After the passage of few days the UBL again deducted amount from my client’s account 3rd time and this payment was also not transferred to Facebook, due to which my client’s commercial event (12th Ambassador Awards at Beach Luxury Hotel), in Karachi got delayed and the client not only faced embarrassment but also loss of earning an anticipated income as well as borne mental and physical agony, frustration and discomfort.

On February 15, 2018, my client received an SMA from the UBL showing reverse payment of more than Rs.125,000/- into my client’s account which was much more than my client’s claim, subsequently my client dispatched one email complaint immediately to Customer Services of UBL as well as also made calls on helpline for ascertaining the actual position of such malpractices of transferring such amount in my client’s account, on which the Customer Services & helpline staff told the client that the said amount was transferred in his account to settle his dispute of claims and the said staff also informed the client that his dispute of client’s ATM transaction has been closed after due process.

Meanwhile, on 3rd April 2018, my client received one phone call from female staff of Khayaban-e-Shamshir branch of UBL and she claimed that the credit that was transferred in his account was outcome of mistake by one other staff member of the bank and she requested my client for depositing the payment in his account, my valued client told your female staff that the customer services and your bank’s helpline after adopting due process have resolved his complaint and the matter was closed, but your female staff insisted my client for depositing amount in his account. On the same day the UBL Khayaban-e-Shamshir branch blocked the account of my client, who tried more than six times to withdraw some amount from his account through ATM machines from different banks but on all attempts my client received massages that your account has insufficient balance, and it transpired that you bank has emptied/blocked my client’s account.

This incident occurred only a few days before my client’s next Mega Event (13th Corporate Ambassador Awards – on April 7) in Islamabad. The UBL had already damaged and destroyed my client’s 12th Corporate Ambassador Awards at Karachi and once again the second commercial event, 13th Corporate Ambassador Awards in Islamabad was also spoiled. The UBL has illegally and unlawfully deducted/blocked all the available cash in my client’s account, my client faced unbearable troubles as he client could not make advance partial payments to his vendors, marketing personals as well as my client was not able to receive / collect registration, nominations fee and sponsorship cash donations from individuals and organizations as well as from some NGOs as well, my valued client was using his above mentioned account of your bank for several years and used to receive online payments through online cash payments, but due to your bank staff illegal and unlawful acts my client borne financial losses and also faced embarrassment in front of his guests, participants of my client’s mega event.

Due to repeated blunders committed by the UBL, the client was deprived from huge anticipated amount of more than 03 million rupees from two above mentioned Mega Events as well as my client’s credit history is also at stake, for which the UBL is liable to make written apology with my client through me as well as to pay damages 04 million rupees in respect of losses accrued to my client on the aforementioned two mega events in Karachi and Islamabad as well as dignity, respect and honor of my client was also damaged before respectable guests, participants, nominees and other valued guests as well as before general public.

I had crystal clear instructions of my client to initiate criminal/civil legal proceeding before Sindh High Court for recovery of damages 04 million rupees along with my professional fee, on your sole risk as to cost and consequences.