Journalists in IoK face difficulties, sufferings

MUZAFFARABAD: International Media conference on the role international media pertaining to Kashmir issue was held under the aegis of Institute of Dialogue Development and Diplomatic Studies (IDDDS) here on Tuesday.
Editor in Chief of Anadolu Agency Mr. Mehmet Ozturk was the Chief Guest on the occasion while Speaker Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) legislative Assembly Shah Ghulam Qadir, Chairman Public Accounts Committee Abdur Rashid Turabi including other representatives of national and international media were also present on the occasion.
Director IDDDS Dr. Waleed gave brief introduction about the organization besides the role of media regarding Kashmir issue. He also apprised the journalists about the difficulties and sufferings of journalists in Indian Occupied Kashmir Journalist based in capital of AJ&K Saqib Ali Haidri presented a research report relating the evolution, current situation, problems, and other details affecting to journalism profession in AJ&K.
Moreover, Conference was focus to strengthen the media in AJ&K and issues being faced by the journalists also highlighted in the conference.
International media correspondents gave their views about issues of media and stressed that how local journalists can highlight the problems of their fellow journalists on the other side of LOC. Suggestions and points were also given in the conference to ponder the issues being faced by the journalists in AJ&K.
This conference entitled “Role of International Media on Kashmir issue” is a follow up of conference organized in Turkey in December 2019 in which 21 journalists from Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) participated vis-à-vis 24 other international journalists. The main objective of this exercise was to discuss, debate, analyze the situation which aroused in post 5th August in IoK.
It is important to mention day light reality that mass media is important and vibrant front particularly during the odd hours of conflict. Indian policy makers followed by its policy drivers have made the media first casualty to tap any and every source of information coming away from IoK.
Since resistance neither breathe nor survive without media, therefore, it was alarming situation for well-wishers of Kashmir cause. This was a drive behind to find some alternatives option how to give voice to victims of IoK.
Hence, it is need of hour to develop as independent and potent resistance front to sustain the struggle. It was also observed that what are the pitfalls to boost journalism as an alternative constituency and how to address them in AJ&K, Pakistan and abroad.
It is objective is to pool the collective voice together and develop the strategy, keeping the all dimensions in consideration. This principal will remain paramount that if journalists succeeded to build this constituency, it will rely upon the principal to represent the pain and agony of Kashmiri brethren instead of any person, group or interest.
It was concluded that the main paramount to empower journalists as stakeholder and bestow ownership because it is a national cause and issue of humanity and right to self-determination agreed in magna-carta to universal Human rights declaration and UN resolutions.

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