Journey of change has begun, says Arif Alvi

KARACHI: Imran Khan has been elected prime minister and the journey of change has begun, said president-elect Dr Arif Alvi.
Speaking to the media in Karachi on Sunday, he said the promises made by the PTI will be realized in Imran Khan’s speech tonight.
He said he is thankful to the PTI members, independents, MQM members, GDA, BAP, Akhtar Mengal and everyone who voted for Imran Khan in the prime minister’s election.
The road to change is open, he said, adding that the roadmap will be revealed today by the prime minister.
“I want to tell Pakistan’s people to stay with us, a big change is coming,” Dr Alvi said, explaining that the government will focus on the underprivileged, education, health, putting roofs over people’s heads and employment. “I am thankful to Imran Khan and the PTI for nominating me as president. This is a big responsibility and god willing I will fulfill it,” he said. He expressed his hope that they are successful in helping Pakistan succeed.-NNI

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