Karachiites would feel proud on magnificent Museum, says Shafqat

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Education, Professional Training and Heritage Shafqat Mahmood has stated that the Karachi National Museum, which possesses rare and valuable collection of Gandhara Civilization, will be uplifted to International standards and Karachiites would feel proud on this State of the Art museum.
He said this while meeting with Alexandra Colliex, French Museum Art Advisor and Curator to Pakistan.
The Federal Minister has added that the Karachi National Museum has great collection of absolute master pieces and priceless artefacts but due to lack of attention in past, most of them could not be showcased yet.
Shafqat Mahmood revealed that, in past, many priceless artefacts of Pakistan’s treasure were stolen and sent to France and now our government was in contact with French government to bring them back.
The Minister apprised that Pakistan is abundantly rich in magnificent landscape, grand mountains, splendid valleys, attractive vistas, hospitable & friendly folk but unfortunately, those were not introduced to the world in an appropriate way and the incumbent government was paying full attention to rise the tourism sector and secure the inestimable heritage of the country. – NNI

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