Kashmir Solidarity Day

Kashmir Day or Kashmir Solidarity Day is a public holiday in Pakistan on February 5 each year. It concentrates on showing Pakistan’s backing and oneness with the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir, their current freedom struggle, and to pay respect to Kashmiri shaheed who lost their lives fighting for Kashmir’s freedom.
Pakistan pays tribute to the Kashimiri people on their sacrifices which they are paying in Indian occupied Kashmir on the 5th of February each year.
Public holiday on 5th of February started from 1994. In 1994 government of Pakistan officially announced public holiday on 5thFebruary.
In 1975, President of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto announced strike on 5th February to support Kashmiris in order to ensure that Pakistan is with their Kashmiri brothers and sisters in every difficulty.
Kashmiris are being martyred by Indian securities forces but they have not gone any inch back from their fundamental stand of independence from India.
Kashmir solidarity day is observed in Pakistan officially from 1994.
In 1990 Qazi Hussain Ahmad also suggested the government of Pakistan to announce a day through which Pakistan can show Kashmiri people their assistance.
Pakistani is always with the side of Kashmiri in their struggle of independence. Indian government announced Gug Mohan as governor of Indian occupied Kashmir.
There were many protests in whole valley of Indian occupied Kashmir against nomination of governor of Gug Mohan.
In this landmark protest many of Kashmiri people were cruelly martyred by the atrocious Indian armed forces.
Kashmiri people were severely tortured in that protest but their say of independence did not descend. They started to claim their right of independence stronger as ever before.
Nawab Zada Nusrullah gave proposal to Pakistani government to declare a day for the solidarity of Kashmir. After full deliberation 5th February was selected as Kashmir solidarity day which in Urdu is called “Yom e Yak Jehti” in Pakistan.
On this occasion whole country of Pakistan and people living in other countries pay tribute to Kashmiri people for their struggle which they are doing in Indian occupied Kashmir.
Independence: Basic Right
Independence is the basic right of any person or country. The right of independence cannot be grabbed by any brutal nation.
The fight of Kashmir people may seem to be very long but the day is not far when Kashmiri will be able to inhale in their separate homeland.
Other notable activities
Many kinds of activities are done on occasion of 5th February in the e country of Pakistan from the government and the private level.
There are also organized many activities in support of Kashmir in the whole country. Speech competitions are arranged on this occasion. Many children take part in this competition to show our beloved Kashmiri people their unity.
Seminars are organized from the government level as well as from private sector to support Kashmir cause. On public day of Kashmir human made chain of hands is observed in many parts of the country.
Solidarity with people of Kashmir
The purpose behind these kinds of activities is to show solidarity to Kashmiri people. It is a pledge from Pakistan to foreigners that they are always with each other in their support.
Influence of Kashmir Day
Kashmir Day helps in recalling the world about the importance of making it easy the resolution of the Kashmir and ending Indian atrocities against the Kashmiri people
Every year since 1990, Pakistanis and people of Jammu and Kashmir observed Kashmir Day this year as well. The dedication behind the observance does not seem to die away any time as quickly as possible.
The objective of the observance has always been to guarantee the distressed valley that Pakistan still stands with them in their strive and self-determination.
Pakistan also wants to rouse the world mind, particularly of the primary world powers, that they should carry out their obligation to end Indian cruelties and human rights assault on the people of Jammu and to help settle the Kashmir dispute as per United Nations Security Council resolutions of 1948-49.
The observance of the Kashmir Day on 5 February every year has achieved significance in view of the fact the state terrorism has been let loose by India since 1989 in Jammu and Kashmir by stationing more than 700,000 strong security forces, to suppress the freedom struggle in Jammu and Kashmir, with a total immunity from persecution against the commitment of human rights violations on the people of Jammu and Kashmir by giving them a protection of draconian laws.
Owing to these laws, in reaction to perpetrating even the toughest Human rights breach like committing murder of innocent people and raping of women in the state, no judicial process can be inducted against any officer or soldier of India’s security forces stationed in the state.
Taking into the account the preceding, it can be wished that finally the international powers will have to comprehend that they have to persuade India that it has to settle the Jammu and Kashmir dispute on importance basis and in a proper way.
Supported by the big powers, India’s security forces have killed many young Kashmiri men in the false terrorist clashes and while shooting at peaceful processions and have abused many women just to hinder them from involving in the peaceful freedom battle.
At the same time, due to accusation of terrorism, Kashmiris have also become the victim of judicial murders out of the hands of India’s judiciary without enough evidence, like hanging of Afzal Guru, on account of his so called participation in the attack on the Indian Parliament on 13 December 2001, by saying that in the absence of a concrete evidence, he was being hanged to satisfy the conscience of the Indian people.
In Modi’s reign, human rights violations by Indian troops in Jammu and Kashmir and on the Muslims in India by the extremist Hindu organizations have increased several times.
On 5 February 2018, Kashmir Day in Pakistan was observed and functions were organized at government level and also by the think tanks and civil society and the officials and eminent persons expressed their views and assured the people of Jammu and Kashmir that Pakistan supported their just freedom struggle to get their right of self determination as per UNSC resolutions.

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