KEC reference pays homage to Yusuf H. Shirazi

KARACHI: Atlas Group Vice Chairman Iftikhar Shirazi has said that my father (Yusuf H. Shirazi) always wanted our country to be counted among the developed countries of the world. ‘Parha Likha Pakistan’ was his dream and his thinking was always high. We will try to follow in his footsteps.
He expressed these views while addressing a condolence conference organized by Karachi Editors Club in memory of his father Yusuf H. Shirazi, here at the Beach Luxury Hotel, Thursday. His younger brother CEO Atlas Battery Ali Shirazi, KEC President Mubasher Mir, Secretary General Manzar Naqvi, Mahmood Sham, Agha Masood, Zahid Hussain, Syed Ibne Hassan and Faiz Brohi also addressed the gathering.
Iftikhar Shirazi said that my father was a self-made person, he used to work hard day and night, and he laid the foundation of a large organization where 12,000 employees are working today. He said he was a very courageous and enthusiastic man and journalism, poetry and palmistry were his passions while after being associated with industry and trade, he also spared time for different fields. He has left an institution for us all which is a challenge for us to follow. He always emphasized the importance of education as a means of coexistence to his children. His vision was his business philosophy.
He said the Yusuf H. Shirazi started his business in 1962. My father was also attached with journalism and often used to write for newspapers. Many journalists used to come to our house. He used to send employees working in our institution to Japan and America for training saying that our employees are our asset. The employees of our institution shed tears on his death as he was like an umbrella for them and they felt that the gap created by him cannot be filled. He used to advise the employees to educate their children because in it lays the beauty of life. He used to say that social life and business life was the philosophy of a happy life.
Ali Shirazi, younger son of Yusuf H. Shirazi, highlighting his fathers’s qualities in his address said that he was a master of deep thoughts, he loved Pakistan immensely and used to say “Pakistan First”. He often expressed his concerns to those coming back from US after their studies and who were supposed to form economic policies that this country would develop only when Pakistan’s economic policy will improve. There was no one to compete with him in the automobile sector, his vision was huge, he could analyse the business environment swiftly. He often used to tell us that he saw the fall of Dhaka and he lost 70% of his capital in one day. He prayed that his father may be given a higher place in Jannah and that we can move forward with his vision.
Former Editor of the Jang newspaper Mahmood Sham, in his addres, said that Yusuf Shirazi is actually the name of several eras, he was a very good essayist, he was proud of his essay writing skill, he used to write his essays for Daily Jang and Nawa-i-Waqt at that time. The Daily Jang owner Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman used to give him a lot of respect. I have also traveled with Yusuf Shirazi and found him a very nice person. I have met him many a time and I wish all his qualities are transformed into his children.
Karachi Editors Club President Mubasher Mir, in his remarks, said that Yusuf Shirazi was an institution in his own person, he was a master of high thinking, whose example was similar to his business, he was visionary and he was able to assess the situation well. As we step forward, we hope that his successors will promote his mission. Yusuf Shirazi was an asset for Pakistan and he has always dreamt that the country would develop. He created such an organization which provided employment to thousands of people, as well as left good memories of social work which is an asset. He left good memories viz. media; his writings in English and Urdu will always be remembered which was the essence of his experience. The things he conveyed to us through the media were also an asset.
He said we demand that papers may be got prepared for research on his work at the university level and PhD topics should be selected on his large-scale work so that students of business subjects can benefit from it.
KEC Secretary General Manzar Naqvi said that he met him in 1982; he was very active in his social life, while he was very keen on business matters. He knew to take all people along and we can see his sincerity in his children. He was a very sincere and practising person and it is not possible to fill the vacuum created by his death which is a national loss. He advised his family members to follow the principles of Yusuf H. Shirazi who, by following his own principles, created a great empire. Those working in his institutions are living a prosperous life today, he concluded.
Former Ambassador Zahid Hussain said on the occasion that I first met him in 1978, he often advised me on different matters which benefited me immensely. He said he has done diplomacy in several countries but did not find a personality like him. Narrating a story about himself he said that once I told him that I have become the Chairman of PIDC, on which he expressed his happiness and said, “You follow my advices, and it is the fruit of that.”
He said Yusuf Shirazi had the quality that he was well-versed with the information about every sector which impressed us a lot and this information was helpful for him in writing his articles. He was a very talented and intelligent man. He stepped into his business after giving up the government job while he was an agriculturist and I see his qualities in his children. He prayed to Allah Almighty to give courage to the bereave family to bear his loss with fortitude and may rest his soul in eternal peace.
Faiz Brohi, in his address, said that some people leave some things in the world that are always remembered. He said this programme of the Karachi Editors Club is of paramount importance. Yusuf Shirazi’s entire family has earned a good name and honour, he added.
Syed Ibn Hassan of National Bank of Pakistan said this is the 72nd meeting of the Karachi Editors Club and the second condolence reference. He said that he first met Yusuf Shirazi in 1986, he was a very popular personality. When he first came to PICIC, we saw him as a practical person. He had an important role in the country’s economy and if the persons like are included in the Pakistan’s team today then our country would not have any crisis. He said his vision was very broad, he fulfilled his mission, and hopefully his children will continue to play their part in furthering their father’s mission. He demanded that roads be named after such a great personality like him and he should be awarded post-humous Presidential Award because he was the hero in the industrial field.

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