The ‘Khalai Makhlooq’ or fate accompli?


Supreme Court has been very magnanimous with professional politicians in dealing with contempt of court cases that has resulted in repetition of same offence by renowned leaders including former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Cases of Danyal Aziz, Talal Choudhry are still pending and the onslaught is on without any fear. As a matter of principle contempt cases should never linger on.

When contempt notice is issued it is based on proper evidence with video recording. The recording should be played and punishment given. If we follow this no one will ever dare to make mistake of doing contempt. It is evident that PMLN is bent upon to continue its confrontation with judiciary and army and is in no mood to stop its campaign against them. In a recent public meeting Nawaz has said that in coming elections his rival is Khalai Makhlooq but has failed to clarify but it is not rocket science to understand to whom he is referring.

A three times former prime minister was expected that he shall display maturity but has disappointed equally foes and friends. Why he forgets that he owes his career to Khaki’s who brought him in to power.Gen Zia was extra kind to return him the Itefaq Foundry nationalized by Shaheed Bhutto. After the death of Zia-ul-Haq Mian Nawaz Sharif had pledged he will continue mission left by sudden death of Gen Zia.

There is no doubt his relations with military have always been bad but the entire blame cannot be put on military, he is equally responsible because it has always been an unknown fear of Khakies that he always remained uncomfortable with all the army chief’s. His present fight against judiciary and army revolves around his own personality.

He is all out to take revenge but he forgets that it is not very simple to regain lost power and glory, survival lies in accepting the ground realities. The ground reality is that he has many cases against him and in all probabilities as he is also expecting may not escape punishment.

Judiciary is now acting above the board and has decided to put the house in order come what may because no one is voted to play with the destiny of the country. Latest directive by the Supreme Court to finalize Asghar Khan’s case must have shocked the former prime minister and many other politicians as he is alleged to be one of the beneficiaries.

It is on record that in 1990 to overthrow the PPP government Islami Jumhoori Itehad (IJI) was formed and this task was performed by ISI as acknowledged by Lt Gen Asad Durrani in his statement. Onerous lies on both the army officers Gen Beg and Lt Gen Asad Durrani to prove that money was dished out to certain politicians to buy their loyalties to ensure Nawaz becomes the prime minister. Nawaz Sharif after his disqualification should have been very careful but it is now too late, his feels his only option is to continue his present plan to keep criticizing army and judiciary.

Asghar Khan’s case remained dormant because both civil and military was involved perhaps a compromise or remain silent was the strategy followed by both but they could never imagine that this case could be opened. This case as it appears is going to shake everyone both in the civil and military. Both officers have acknowledged in the apex court about distributing the money.

A retired Brigadier Hamid Saeed of MI Sind in his recent interview to English daily has stated that DG MI Maj Gen (later Lt Gen) Asad Durrani on Sept 12, 1990 visited Karachi and ordered him to open six different accounts in different banks and send him the title and number of each account and keep on monitoring these accounts.

Some funds shall be deposited in these accounts from time to time and he will keep him updated regarding the balance in each account on weekly basis is reconfirmation of dolling out money to politicians. SC has asked government to take action within one week
There is no denying the fact that Nawaz Sharif played key role to oust elected Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto with the help of IJI formed by ISI as he was playing in the hands of military. It is an addition to Panama and NAB cases.

Most surprisingly knowing well that he is life time disqualified woes to change the laws and reform the constitution. It is strange his qualified and learned lawyers also don’t advise him as to what could be the consequences of his hate speeches against army and judiciary.

Any amendment brought in the constitution which is in conflict with fundamental rights and alters or seek to alter basic structure of the constitution can be stricken down by the Supreme Court. Since the amended laws are going to benefit Nawaz (an individual) therefore there is no chance that he could ever succeed in bringing any changes in the constitution.

The fact remains that he has closed all doors of any type of reconciliation from all directions and is getting isolated so much so has also annoyed so called Khalai Makhlooq. He should have known that no one can take fight with Khalai Makhlooq as it is protected by God.

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.