Kids in the battlefield to save corrupt fathers

And finally the cats are out of the bags. Yes, the known kids on political front namely Bilawal Zardari and Maryum Nawaz have met last week with the clear intention to block the passage of the Federal budget. The irony is that the duo is not struggling for democracy or for safeguarding the human rights but to save the illegally-acquired wealth of their fathers who are languishing in jails for the crimes they have committed.
To be very specific, the entire world knows that these two persons Nawaz and Zardari have done great damage to the national economy by looting the national wealth thereby weakening the state. It is said that Bilawal Zardari will launch the so-called movement against the government from June 21 for which a plan has been designed including the money they will distribute among the poor workers of PPP so that they come in large number and push the government on the back foot. As reported, the so-called movement will start from Nawabshah, home town of Zardaris. I think the masses will not come to join the movement for the corrupt persons like Zardari and Nawaz as both have done great damage to the national economy. Huge amount of money was transferred abroad through the showbiz girl Ayan Ali, the money belonged, it is alleged, to Zardari and Bilawal Zardari. The NAB has complete record of money laundering indulged in by Zardari and his cronies. As a matter of act, PPP is not now an ideological party as under Zardari most of the PPP workers who were committed for socio economic changes under late Mr Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto have either left the party or have become ineffective. Now the party is solely confined to Sindh with one point agenda, how to make illegal money and exploit the resources of the nation. For example the Sindh is being ruled by PPP for the last ten years, during this period what they have done for the poor masses of Sindh, the poverty looms large in all parts of Sindh while the jobs are being given on the basis of personal relationship or by greasing the palm.
Similarly Punjab was ruled by Muslim League (N) for the last ten years, where Shehbaz Sharif was in total control of the affairs of Punjab, but he too looted the provincial resources to benefit his three wives, friends and his son Humza now in police custody. They have now joined hands with PPP against Imran Khan with the intention to dislodge his government or create conditions where he fails to govern the country.These evil designs by the two parties PPP and Muslim League (N) is simply to save the illegal wealth they have collected through mega projects. The Muslim League (N) has some following in certain parts of Punjab but youth will not join them as they know that there is no alternative to Imran Khan. To reinstall the government of these corrupt politicians through agitation will not serve any purpose nor the PTI government is so weak to be dislodged by the so-called movement. Going by the corrupt deeds of Zardari and Nawaz, the battle will not be won by these kids as their elders who have no grace to face the nation. It is also alleged that Nawaz Sharif worked for Indian interest in Pakistan while he was P.M. still he has links with India through his sons.

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