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Land digitization record will make property transfer transparent: PM


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that digitisation of the land record will bring transparency in transfer of properties.
Addressing the launching ceremony of the cadastral map of Islamabad on Wednesday, the prime minister said the use of technology will also help defeat land grabbers as now anyone can get information of plots and other lands online.
The prime minister said that cadastral mapping of Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi will be completed by November this year.
He added that the mapping of entire Pakistan will be completed within six months after Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. “Transparency is a very big issue in Pakistan… lots of people became rich and powerful by grabbing land,” he said.
He said that in the next phase, the government is working to develop a system that would enable the transfer of land online from home. The prime minister said that those who are involved in land grabbing do not want digitalisation in Pakistan as it would create lots of problems for them.
“I know in which city you’re having most problems because it will create problems for some people. Because of lack of transparency, many people made lots of money and became powerful,” said the prime minister.
He said that it is almost impossible to get rid of illegal occupation because of the rotten existing system in the country. He said that land valued over Rs300 was either under illegal occupation or was not utilised, adding that 1,000-acre forest land of the capital was held illegally.
Saying that overseas Pakistanis are the most valuable asset of the country, the prime minister said, “We need to create an environment for them so they can invest safely in Pakistan. Most of them purchase land and plan to build a house but they are afraid. Many times they go abroad and when they return someone else is living in their residence.”
The prime minister also appreciated the Capital Development Authority, Survey General of Pakistan and other departments for completing the task successfully in a short span of time.
The cadastral mapping project has been conceived and inspired by the vision of the prime minister to modernize the old “Patwar system” into a modernised digital online system. Digitisation of land record will help curb land record tempering and ensure monitoring of construction through imagery. This will also help overseas Pakistani verify online information before purchase of land in Islamabad. The new system would also help identify the illicit hinging of state land, encroachment at nullah and forests.
The phase-I comprises digitisation of revenue records of three major cities including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and state land data of the country with a total cost is Rs1,994 million.
Survey of Pakistan has completed Islamabad Capital Territory digitalisation by using geographical information system. The organisation digitised a total area of 943 sq-km which included 400 sq-km of CDA and 543 sq-km ICT rural areas. In total, 70 sectors and 63 societies in CDA and 112 mouza in ICT have been digitised. It was analysed that 1,512 kanals area is encroached and 5,350 kanal area is varying from CDA layout plans.
The duration of the project is one year which would cost Rs28 million. The project was started on 07-10-2020 and will be concluded on 06-10-2021. – TLTP