Launching of Reham – Big game in the offing?


What a fantastic idea to use women for defaming politicians, it is nothing new in Pakistan it has been happening for a long time but was not taken seriously because the only source was government owned PTV channel and the print media.

PTV has kept its traditions and there has never been any such vulgarity as we now observe in private TV channels that are so free that no one can do anything about them. Under the cover of freedom of media they air anything that suits them and they don’t care because they have no fear of law and accountability

Gen Musharraf deserves appreciation in allowing so many TV channels in Pakistan without proper scrutiny. Anyone who applied was granted license to run the TV channel but soon they started running the country.

Now TV channel has been left much behind and these days almost all of our activities nowadays are social media – centric. Mostly sponsored by our enemies abroad and within. Be it personal or a public event, the social media is bound to be a part of the program. Posts will be tagged, photos pasted on twitter and instagram and Face book and hastags are created and through them more awareness spread in the society making the importance of facilities better known to the common and less informed people but with considerable degree of harm to younger generation .Every one carries smart phone. You can hire a blogger and he will do the rest.

These days Reham’s book is main subject on our TV talk shows, everyone is busy giving his analysis. Fact remains Imran Khan lacks vision and sense of direction. His decision to marry her was wrong he should have known this that he is contesting elections to become Prime Minister of Pakistan that in any case now shall remain a dream and it was not right decision on his part. In her book that is yet to be published Reham has made startling disclosures about his personal life and has leveled many serious allegations. Normally in our society private life between husband and wife is always considered as sacred but in this case she has disregarded all those basic norms and has written everything openly without any reservation. She came with an agenda and succeeded in her mission. She set an objective and then planned it and executed it marvelously.

She spent only 10 months and gathered everything she aimed. If content of the book is analyzed it becomes very clear that she came with specific agenda to target Imran because of his fame and charismatic personality.

In married life there are always differences of opinion on many issues and at times it leads to in house fight but it is always a temporary affair and after short time you forget everything. From all the events that unfold it is clear she was working on agenda probably planned out of Pakistan and she executed it most efficiently. The life has not been comfortable right from the beginning, it is said it began on keeping two dogs at one time in the house as both would bark simultaneously. By the way both are fond of dogs and both love their dogs more than human beings, this is British culture they inherited when moved to Pakistan.

A strange discussion has started that she has been planted by PML N, it is not the case PML N is taking only advantage, it is her personal decision and her aim was to damage the personality of Imran Khan and side line him because of her ambitions but failed because entire leadership of PTI was against Reham’s interference.

Imran should have been extra careful in safe guarding his secrets because you cannot be free with a lady who is divorcee, in such cases you take time to understand each other. His care free attitude resulted in success of Reham Khan. Can you imagine how careless he has been and allowed her to take his Black Berry while leaving him. Black Berry contains personal data of all types and this is that data that has been transformed in to the book. IK or his lawyers cannot defend the transcript taken out of Black Berry.

Now coming to the other side of the story. There is a big difference between men and women. No women would come so openly in public to expose her adventures. There are some norms in our culture women do not behave like this, in most of the cases they avoid discussing private matters in public. But IK should have known this that he is getting married to a media girl and that too he does not know her well.

The leakage of Reham leaks just before election has certainly damaged his image but it is not going to have any negative impact on his election campaign. But it gives one lesson to all the married people not to share everything with better half and ensure your phone is properly locked with greater degree of safety. Basically it is personality clash well done red green is the winner.

Book or no book, its extracts are already in the market like Justice Qayum’s cassettes and are talk of the country. It is also true such things don’t matter in Pakistan as voters care too hot for such scandals and it is nothing new for Imran as he has been facing his character assassination ever since he entered in politics. But the fact remains he has not been careful in such matters. He forgot he is head of an emerging party and people like him. When you become leader then it is no more private affair, you become public property and you are always under watch by the people and the rivals. It certainly is going to have far reaching consequences, let us wait and see which way the wind blows.

Lastly, I remain an ardent supporter of our customs, traditions and the history that drives us to shortlist our values and public ethics and ethos that we live by. No husband-wife quarrel should be brought in to open. The disconnect between them is always private affair and bringing through the book the disconnect in the public domain is a highly unethical act that should be thoroughly condemned. Reham Khan may make some dollars but she has lost her dignity and prestige generally in a society that is deeply rooted in a culture based on respect for others. No wonder we are taught from the outset that “kissi ka aik parda rakhnay say Khudda aap kay sauoo parday rakhta haiee” (You keep someone’s one secret and God will hide 100 of yours). Reham khan should worry about 100 too

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.