With limited recourses Pakistan Army world’s best

Syed Kamal Hussain Shah
ABBOTTABAD: With limited recourses Pakistan Army done great jobs. One of the best army in World. Pakistani love as part of Pakistan army as jawan or commission officers, kids’ mothers become Pakistan army soldier. Pakistani Nation proud on own army. Its over blood and soul. Pakistan has always desired for stability and restoration of peace in the region. Pakistan army plays key role in world peace missions UN.
‘Defence’ is now not restricted only to the borders or against the armed enemy, but have much more wide meanings, complexities and obligations. Pakistan Army, Security and law enforcement agencies and people have rendered matchless sacrifices in the war against terrorism. Pakistan Armed Forces who have always sacrificed their best for the sake of their nation and to keep intact, the sovereignty of the motherland.
The sacrifices made by these men have been acknowledged at all levels by every citizen of Pakistan. The Armed forces play such a large and vital role in our nation’s life. Be these earthquakes, floods, war or any crises, the role of the Armed forces has remained pivotal. The War on Terror has caused more suffering, deaths and destruction to the people of Pakistan than of any other country in the world.
General Qamar Javed Bajwa, is the 10th and current Chief of Army Staff (COAS) of the Pakistan Army. He is the 68th most powerful person in the world. He served as a Brigadier in the UN mission in Congo and as a Brigade Commander.
Pakistan forces are also famous for the discipline and the love they give for their country. For any army to be successful the dedication needs to come from inside. The army personnel are trained to follow strict rules and regulation. They so well trained that their discipline even reflects in their personal life as well.
In 2019, the Pakistan Army team has won the gold medal in the world’s toughest Cambrian Patrol competition held at Wales, UK.
The Pakistan Armed Forces are the best-organized institution in Pakistan, and are highly respected in civil society. Since the founding of Pakistan, the military has played a key role in holding the state together, promoting a feeling of nationhood.
Pakistan’s Armed Forces has been involved in building much of the country’s infrastructure such as dams, bridges, canals, power stations, energy projects and civil-military input from all sections of the armed forces has helped to build a stable society and professionalism in the armed forces. Natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, army engineers, medical and logistics personnel, and the armed forces generally have played a major role in rescue, relief, and supply efforts.
Pakistan Army is also known as ‘All weather Army’ (amongst World’s very few Armies) due to different terrain in Pakistan which extends from: vast deserts, hilly areas, cold desert, rivers, shallow oceans, hills, mountains, glaciers, marsh and swamps.
Pakistan Army is the World’s only Army with 0% suicide rate. They are the sixth largest in the world in terms of active military personnel and the largest among Muslim countries
Pakistanis trust Pakistan Army more than any other institute. Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) is ranked as the number 1 spy agency in the world and it also has been named the fittest and best agency.
Pakistan’s Armed Forces undertook successful operations like Operation Rah-e-Haq (Swat), Operation Sherdil (Bajaur), Operation Zalzala (Spinkai) and Operation Rah-e-Nijat (SWA) without any significant additional financial allocation.
Pakistan Army Aviation is the World’s only Military aviation to own 4 out of 6 World’s top. Pakistan Army has received the highest number of UN Medals. Top third contributor of troops to the UN Peacekeeping Forces. Pakistan Army the largest Women Armed force in Muslim World. The only armed force in the Muslim World to have women Major Generals.
There have been numerous non-Muslims who have risen to the rank of Brigadier Christian promoted to the rank of Major General. Only Army to win 3 Gold Medals in the Cambrian Patrol Military exercises. 5th Army to develop and Use combat drones. Al Khalid best battle tank, Pakistan Army makes her own assault rifles.
Pakistan Army at Royal Military Academy Overseas sword of Honor winner, Pakistan Army major trains British Cadets. Former Chief of Pakistan Army declared World’s best Military Commander General in 2016. Became the 1st Head of Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (Muslim NATO) which is formed by the Troops from 39 Muslim Countries. Only Pakistani Army Chief to receive the Royal Guard of Honor.
Pakistan’s SSG is ranked world’s No.1 Pakistan Army stands committed to defend, protect and preserve Pakistan at all cost. We enjoy some moments of peace and freedom, the Armed Forces are a major contributor. They defend the nation and provide us with the opportunity to live in peace and make progress, and do not hesitate to give any sacrifices when required. May Allah protect Pakistan and its Armed Forces. Ameen.

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