Love begets love


Atom bomb is one of the most lethal weapons man has invented. Love is the greatest force God has blessed man with. People may fail to defeat the enemy with the most destructive weapon, atom bomb but the power of love is simply irresistible. Even the most invincible enemy is defeated and vanquished when the power of love starts ravishing and ravaging.
Interestingly love is not a deadly destroying force. It is soothing and comforting balm that can cure the festering sores of resentment and contempt. Unlike atom bomb it does not arouse hatred and revolt. Rather the power of love inculcates friendship and companionship. When all our tactics and techniques fail in prevailing over the foe, love enables us to make the enemy submissive to us. So love begets love just like the seed of wheat that produces wheat.

The greatest of philosopher Lamennais says that God is love. It means that love plays a godly role in human life. The sages and saints succeeded in reforming the rakes and rogues with the force of love. They convinced them with their love that the evils and vices they had fallen victim to could lead them only to inferno. The sages and saints did not slap or thrash the scoundrels, they only knocked at their hearts with the knuckle of love, the seething sores of hatred were healed with balm of love. The rogues and rakes felt convinced that love and not destruction could make them loveable and likeable just like saints and sages who sprinkled love on the fire of bitterness and rankness. The prophets loved people and proved convincingly by converting millions and billions of wrong doers that love begets love.

Love works miraculous wonders in human life. All of us have read the story in which the brutish and beastly lion is forced to love the man who had pulled out thorn from his paw. Love proved that even lion’s nature can be changed with love. When the power of love works the thorns change into roses. The tiller cultivates the thorn growing lands and they begin to produce fragrant flowers.

Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) was thrown into the fire but the fire changed into fragrant garden just because of the power of love in his heart. The power of love succeeded in putting fire into the dead. Sorrows change into joys, kings change into slaves, stones change into wax, sickness change into health, misfortunes changed into fortunes, just because love is there with its magical powers. So love is always rewarded with love.

Love is a multi-dimensional passion. There are numberless categories and levels of love. Love of parents for their children, love of children for their parents, love of wives for their husbands, love of husbands for their wives, love of brothers for their sisters, love of sisters for their brothers and love of leaders for their nations are different varieties of love.

Romantic love is also predominant in human life. All these categories and classes of love witness to the reality that love softens our hearts. The misunderstandings are easily sorted out between any two persons if balm of love is there to soothe the suffering soul. Hostile human relationships change into friendly and harmonious relationships if human behavior is rooted in love. All the hostilities are smothered by the potion and passion of love.

Love is the essence of all religions. All that we learn from practices and rituals is how to love fellow beings. When we love the fellow beings, the fellow beings love us and the life on the earth becomes a journey through paradise. In the present day predicament mankind is undergoing, the role of love becomes predominant. Why don’t the so-called super powers try the weapons of love to change the hostile forces into friendly forces.

America dropped the atom bomb on Heroshima and Nagasake and incurred the fury of the defeated Japanese. Later on America showered love on Japan in the form of education, trade and financial support. The Japanese forgot that America had brought them to the verge of annihilation just because, subsequently, America became the greatest benefactor of Japan. Why do super powers not try the same love in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Palestine and Kashmir? Even there, love will beget love.

The writer is an Advocate and a member of Lahore Bar Association. He is currently practising Law at Qayyum & Associates, Lahore. He is a Gold Medalist from the College of Law, The University of Lahore in B.A-LL.B(Hons). He can be reached at: