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Maryam Nawaz says Al Aziza verdict should be declared void

Source: Samaa TV

PML-N Leader Maryam Nawaz says that the Al Aziza verdict which jailed Nawaz Sharif on accounts of corruption on the Al-Aziza Steel mill case should be declared void following Islamabad High Court’s decision to remove Judge Arshad Malik from his post.

Maryam Nawaz, daughter of the convicted former Prime Minister, posted several tweets regarding this matter. In one post she declares how the concern was not regarding the removal of Judge Arshad Malik, rather of the verdict he issued which should be suspended. She said “The matter is about suspending the verdict, which this judge had given under pressure, from the court record.”

On December 4th 2018, Judge Malik had convicted Nawaz Sharif on accounts of corruption in the Al Aziza Steel Mill reference.

In the following post, Maryam Nawaz said “if the judge is removed then how can his verdict be maintained?”

Source: Twiiter

She said that if the decision to remove the judge has been made, then why are they not releasing her imprisoned father?
Moreover she further stated that a 3 times chosen former Prime Minister of Pakistan who is proven innocent today is still behind bars.

She turned to the Judiciary to declare the verdict against her father void and for his immediate release. She said “Now this matter is not limited to just Nawaz Sharif. I am turning to the judiciary for justice. I will keep waiting.”