Mayor blasts SLGA 2013, seeks implementation of Art 140A

KARACHI: Mayor Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Waseem Akhtar, while strongly criticizing the rules and regulations defined in Sindh Local Government Act SLGA-2013 by the Sindh government, said that amendments were being crafted by himself for SLGA 2013 to strengthen the system and he was also struggling really hard and advocating the demand at the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan for the implementation of Article 140A of Pakistan’s Constitution, says a Press release.
Speaking at a meeting during his visit to the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) on Tuesday, the Mayor mentioned that due to untiring efforts being made since last four years, a realization has finally surfaced now as the honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan, before commencing a specific case proceedings, asked the AG Sindh to read Article 140A of the Constitution which categorically states that ‘administrative powers, political powers and financial powers should be devolved to the third tier of the government. Similarly, there is also some realization in Sindh government as recently a statement appeared in the media in which it was mentioned that Sindh government is looking forward to empower the Mayor and KMC.”
Chairman Businessmen Group & Former President KCCI Siraj Kassam Teli, General Secretary BMG AQ Khalil, President KCCI Agha Shahab Ahmed Khan, Senior Vice President Arshad Islam, Vice President Shahid Ismail, Chairman Special Committee for Small Traders Majeed Memon and others were present at the meeting.
Waseem Akhtar further said that the controversial SLGA 2013 has reduced the number of departments under KMC’s control while many other powers and compulsory functions, which even though are conferred to Mayor’s Office under SLGA 2013, are actually still under Sindh government’s domination which was the key reason for the massive number of problems being suffered by Karachi.
“All revenue generating departments are being administered by the Sindh government while KMC manages only those departments including hospitals, parks, fire brigade etc. which are not earning anything but require a lot of funds.”
He said that within the limited resources, KMC was striving hard to somehow improve the performance of those departments which fall under its domain. “Although the hospitals and Parks under KMC’s control were not ideal and the people were facing a lot of difficulties but we are trying to improve the situation despite severe shortage of funds”, he added.
Referring to Siraj Teli’s remarks to resign from Mayor’s post if powerless, Waseem Akhter stated that he was not in favor of resigning from the post as it would prove counterproductive and would never help in exposing all the wrongdoings being done to Karachi by the Federal and Sindh governments.
He said that billions of rupees were being collected through various taxes by Sindh government while a meager amount being collected from charged parking was available to KMC and it was impossible to run the administrative affairs of the entire city from the nominal funds being generated from charged parking and parks’ entry tickets.
He was of the opinion that KMC cannot be blamed alone for the disaster being suffered by Karachi but others as well as the business & industrial community was also responsible as they are also busy in getting their business-related issues resolved only and are not vocally raising voice to get Karachi’s issues resolved.
Speaking on the occasion, Chairman BMG Siraj Kassam Teli said that to date, Karachi has never been owned by anyone, neither by MQM nor by PPP, PML (N) and ANP. Everyone has grossly looted and minted money from Karachi and did nothing for this city. “There was a time when MQM was in power with maximum authority and if they had desired, they would have certainly developed Karachi. MQM, PPP and ANP are all equally responsible for ruining the city and where we stand today is only because of the politics of all these political parties. They all were not concerned about Karachi that has created a disastrous situation being suffered by the city today.”
Siraj Teli said, “Not just these political parties but we all are also responsible for the problems being faced by Karachi as many of us, instead of criticizing, are usually busy in giving hails to the presence to politicians, bureaucrats and even the high ranking police officers. We have to look at ourselves and must start speaking the truth only which is not any easy thing to do but is the only way to get the issues resolved.”
“We, at KCCI regardless of the consequences, have always spoken the truth which is the reason why many lawmakers are reluctant to visit Karachi Chamber as we ask too many questions and seek explanations”, he added.
Chairman BMG said, “If our Mayor has just 10 percent authority over the city’s overall administration and he is held responsible for all the disaster then our Mayor should immediately step down and go back home. If I would have been at Mayor’s place, I would have certainly demanded all the required powers otherwise, I would have immediately resigned from the post.”
He said that Karachi contributes a huge amount of more than 70 percent revenue to the national exchequer and more than 95 percent revenue to Sindh Revenue Board. The entire country and the Sindh province is being run on the earnings of this city but unfortunately, Karachi receives nothing in return and remains deprived.
President KCCI Agha Shahab Ahmed Khan expressed deep concerned over dilapidated infrastructure of Karachi where the road and sewerage networks were in an awful state while the city also faces encroachment, traffic jam, transport, water and gas shortages issues, which have intensified the hardships not just for business & industrial community but also for the entire public. “To deal with transport and traffic jam issues, it has become inevitable that the Karachi Circular Railway must become operational at the earliest”, he added.
He urged the decision makers in Islamabad and Sindh province to put their differences aside and work collectively to improve the standard of living and doing business in Karachi which was in the larger interest of the entire country.

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