Mega challenge of building 1mn houses begins with 500 residential units in City

KARACHI: Under the Vision 2040 of Commander (Retd) Muhammad Zakir, Chairman Commander Builders (SMC-Pvt) Ltd. the project that is covering the stages of success is now been well-known by everyone with the name of “Commander City” which is purely for the human welfare and attainment of blessings of Allah Almighty, says a Press release.
It is a mega challenge of building 1 million houses all over the country commenced with building 5000 residential units in Karachi which will In Sha Allah be completed by 2025, and thereafter as a result of the response of our valuable clients, there is a further expansion plan of this project under consideration.
The objective of the project is to sincerely serve the humanity without making any profit so the common man may attain that status of living as per the orders of Prophet Muhammad (SAAW), guiding principles of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the basic and non-discriminatory, cast & creed free equal rights of food, clothing, shelter, education and health given in our constitution and in the light of 17 Sustainable Development Goals promulgated by the United Nations, for which they are in the offing for more than 7 decades.
This is the unique housing project of its kind in which so cost-effective and high standard pre-build houses on very easy terms with all basic necessities of life and ample business and job opportunities will be available for living from April 2020. Considering the welfare of the common man, every 5 out of 100 constructed units will be provided for living in the way of Allah Almighty to deserving widows, un-attended children and physically handicapped unable to earn their bread and butter.
Under the educational facilitation, a number of educational institutions comprising schools, colleges and university are being built and the first school will, In Sha Allah be starting functioning from April 2020. Besides that, a sports complex of international standards, 6 masjids, an orphanage, an old home for the un-attended elders, a well-equipped hospital, health care centres, ambulance service, state of the art hi-tech system of security and fire safety are the few names out of the long list of facilities.
With the blessing of Allah Almighty, own well managed system of water, electricity and gas is available at the city. In short, Commander City provides the guarantee of life, wealth, respect and honour to the common man which is only possible in a true welfare system of living where residents will be divided into 3 groups based upon their monthly incomes.
The reason behind this division is to provide them with the basic and non-discriminatory, cast & creed free equal rights of food, clothing, shelter, education and health without harming their self-respect in order to eliminate the complexes of inferiority and deprivation from the society.
The shopping from Commander Super Store will be on wholesale rates, there will be free lunch and dinner served to its residents in the free restaurant along with family hall, the child birth of the needy along with its nutritional well-being will also be free in order to raise the mentally and physically healthy offspring, and much more.
Every businessman while declaring Allah Almighty as his business partner will be bound according to the model of City to dedicate a small chunk of his product in the way of Allah Almighty upon which there will be the right of the needy only.
As per last year, to convert this dream into realty Commander Builders has organized the International Property Expo this year also from 10th to 12th January 2020 in hall 4 and 5 of Karachi Expo Centre in which the expected footfall of potential buyers for 3 days is more than 20,000 who after visiting and witnessing our facilities at Commander City will be able to get benefited from our various exclusive offers and a number of products and services provided by other exhibitors available for them at various stalls.

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