Metro Matters 01-01-2018

Ahmed Malik breaks monopoly of Democrats Panel in KPC elections 2018

Renowned journalist Ahmed Malik elected President of Karachi Press Club (KPC) elections for the year 2018. He breaks long prevailed monopoly of Democrats Panel due to his hard work and sincere efforts towards the welfare efforts for the journalists’ community and good relations with every one belonging to media. Now the real test of Ahmed Malik has been started. Very much hard work and challenges forimplementation of his plan for KPC members ahead. No other person from his “The Panel” succeededin earning any seat. Candidates of Democrats Panel have won all other seats. MinhajurRab (Vice President), Maqsood Yousafi (Secretary), Nemat Khan (Joint Secretary) and Moosa Kaleem (Treasurer) have won their seat from the Democrats Panel.

“ShakistaTabeer” Urdu
translation of Memoir of Aslam Siddiqui launched


Dr Tabinda Azam, daughter of renowned Banker Aslam Siddique, came to Pakistan from USA to launch Urdu translation book “Shakista Tabeer”, a memoir of Aslam Siddique “Life and Times of a Pakistani Citizen”.
All brother and sisters of Dr Tabinda were involved in completing this project of book translation, most of them were also present at the launching ceremony which was presided over by Khawaja Razi Haider. Anwer Maqsood and Javed Jabbar were the chief guests at the ceremony while Dr Tabinda Azam and Dr Sher Shah were prominent speakers of the event. Akhlaq Ahmed conducted the whole ceremony very lively and beautifully.
Dr Sher Shah who was class friend of Dr Tabinda, translated this book. The original book is written in English very beautifully and covers the era of 1915 to 1999 and discussed problems being faced after Independence and sincere efforts of Quadi-i-Azam for getting an independent country. Original idea of Quaid-i-Azam for this country was a country without any discrimination of religion and full of humanity where everyone will be treated equally and all institutions will be serving independently. This book highlighted mistakes of Pakistani politicians and enlightens solutions of the problems.
Dr Tabinda Azam in her address thanked all those who cooperated with her in compilation of this Urdu translation to spread to maximum people of Pakistan. She said income from sales of this book will be donated to hospital in Korangi for poor people’s treatment. She especially thanked her sister-in-law Nuzaira Azam who came from USA for this launching ceremony and also her brothers and sisters who came from abroad to attend this event. She also thanked and appreciated her husband Zafar Ul Azam who appreciated this work and cooperated with her all the way in completing this translation book of memoir of Late Aslam Siddiqui.

ChupanChupai Premiere

The cast and crew of ChupanChupai walked the Red Carpetat the premiere of their eagerly-awaited movie at a local multiplex here in Karachi during the reported week.
The Red Carpet of this movie extravaganza was a star-studded affair with well-known names including celebrities and socialites of the Pakistani entertainment industry present, as well as top names from the media.
The movie was well-received by the stars, media representatives and socialites with most raving about the chemistry between the lead pair, Ahsan Khan and Neelam Muneer. The cast was on point with their performances – Neelam Muneer who made her movie debut was seen in a role like never before with power-packed dialogues and Ahsan Khan who was seen on the silver screen after nearly three years was supremely entertaining. Ali Rizvi, a student of NAPA left everyone amazed with his stellar performance.
ChupanChupai, a rom-com-thriller is a venture made possible by the brilliant direction of Mohsin Ali and the unstinting support of the producers Zayed Sheikh and Ray Khan of Huzu productions. Adding to the movie was the lilting music which was produced and composed by Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmad, members of the band “Soch.”
The film, which is being distributed nationwide by HUM Films and Eveready Group of Companies is a story about five people, who on a quest to earn quick money end up kidnapping a minister’s son and land them selves into trouble. The PR of the event was handled by Starlinks PR and Events.


Women footballers needs opportunities

Amna Sabir, Ambassador for Marta Women Football Club observed the practice, football technique, coaching and other relevant aspects during the reported week. While talking to team members she said that there are highly talented women football players in Karachi, and they deserve proper training, and opportunity to play. She said playgrounds and sports academies are essential in Karachi and for the purpose the corporate sector has to play their due role, The Saita Pakistan CEO and the patron in Chief of Marta Women Football Club, Pirzada M. Ajmal Farooqi said that in order to promote Football game and to arrange events – tournaments and for other activities, all resources will be utilized, the City of Quaid will be made the City of Football Game. He said that despite un-avoidable circumstances the women foot ball players are working hard for the progress and development of the women foot ball games. The president of MWFC Rais Khan said that soon a grand and mega football event/tournament will be held in Karachi and the private sector should come forward to promote and develop the women football game.

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