Metro Matters 01-07-2019

Samir Mir Shaikh meets Bilawal Bhutto

Samir Mir Shaikh, leader of Pakistan People’s Party, led a delegation of young business-leaders for a meeting with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Chairman Pakistan People’s Party during the reported week. The delegation had an insightful discussion with Chairman Bilawal Bhutto regarding the current political scenario.
Economic policies regarding business owners, wholesalers and retailers regulations were discussed along with the current economy, sustainability and ease of doing business. Trade regulations also came under discussion.
Bilawal Bhutto assuring the business owners of his support said that PPP has always encouraged entrepreneurship and will continue to uphold this vision, wishing them the best of luck for their endeavours. Bilawal Bhutto also said that the business community is the backbone of the economy and a necessity for the betterment of the nation.
The delegation members included Samir Mir Shaikh PPP Leader’ Ashraf Mayia CEO, Heels; Asfandyar owner Hub Leather; Danish Virjee, owner Sputnik; & Shahazad Sabir Director, Bestboard.

Kashif Moten meets KPC President to express his solidarity

A high profile delegation of Digital Content Producers International led by Kashif Moten called on President of Karachi Press Club (KPC) Imtiaz Khan Faran and expressed their complete & unconditional support and solidarity with the President KPC and the journalists of Karachi.
They condemned the attack by a provincial PTI leader on President KPC in a TV programme recently. The delegation comprised Ali Imran, Ayaz Motiwala, Waheed Jang, Sumaira Anwar, Yousuf Badshah, Kamran Hashim, Amir Mukati and other senior members of the Digital Fraternity.

International Book on Science launched

First published in the US, the book on science titled ‘God and god of Science’ by Syed Hasan Raza Jafri has been launched in Pakistan. An irrefutable glut of information on the specifics of monotheism vs. atheism and humanism, the book is one of the most compelling pieces of literature produced in English on the subject of monotheism, the existence of God and the relationship between reason and revelation.
The author Syed Hasan Raza Jafri, a US-based thoracic medical oncologist (lung cancer specialist) and a cancer researcher, presents a world view based on monotheism and attempts to answer some of these challenging questions about the God’s existence, the ideology of monotheism and religion and its clash with modern scientific knowledge. Published by the Islamic Publishing House in 2017, the book motivates the rest of Muslims working in the field of science and helps them defend their faith with pride and conviction, says Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi, a leading Muslim scholar and author currently living in Canada.
“This book will change your understanding not only about your life but also about yourself,” claims Syed Hasan Raza Jafri. Drawing from revelation, philosophy, mysticism and modern scientific knowledge, Dr. Jafri synthesizes a world view that is bound to challenge the reader’s perspective about the reality of existence. Depicting monotheism vis-a-vis modern-day science from an Islamic perspective, the book ‘God and god of Science’ describes the reasons why some people end up losing faith even though they may have advanced degrees in science or philosophy.
Dealing with the relationship between reason and revelation, the book describes that when applied correctly, both reason and revelation guide towards the same reality.

Atiq Raja meets DIG Hyderabad

Atiq Raja, Chairman Pakistan Youth Council (PYC) International Peace Advocate, Karachi held a detailed meeting with DIG Hyderabad Dr. Naeem Shaikh about the working of Pakistan Youth Council (PYC) and possible collaboration for the learning opportunities and better Public-Police Relationship during the week.
Dr Naeem Shaikh assured his all possible cooperation to the Pakistan Youth Council.
Atiq Raja on this occasion said that the Police are our institution and we have to praise their sacrifices for restoring peace in Pakistan beside constructive criticism. He also raised slogans of Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Police Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad.

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