KEC introduces new techniques of cure by Dr Ali

Karachi Editors Club (KEC) in its 24th meeting introduced Dr Muhammad Ali Chairman and Founder of Medical Frequency Center involved in successful treatments without any medicine by a new technology of sounds therapy for any disease including all chronic diseases. Rashid Ahmed Siddiqui Chairman Afeef Group was the chief guest on this occasion who appreciated these low cast new technology of treatments.
Dr Muhammad Ali was the Guest of Honour at this emergent meeting of KEC, he informed that he is operating four centers at Karachi one in Hyderabad, while two in Malaysia one in Oman and one in Jakarta which are serving very well and more centers are being opened in different parts of the world including India. He informed that in all centers they have 63000 sounds to cure any disease of human body.
He said he has also invent a small devise which have 13000 sounds for those who cannot reach his clinics are travel mostly, the approximate cost of this devise is around 3500 US Dollars, after increasing demands cost can reduce accordingly.
Dr Muhammad Ali said that each organ in the human body has a different frequency on which it functions. When this frequency reduces or increases, the particular organ or part of the body behaves abnormally, which results in pain or illness. Bioresonance is an advanced method of treatment that makes use of biological frequencies. It is a non-invasive, non-drug treatment that focuses on the biophysics of the body instead of the biochemistry. With the help of technology, we first convert electromagnetic waves into sound waves. An instrument is set to match the original frequency of the particular organ, which helps bring the organ back to its natural frequency. He said he believe that energy generated at sub-atomic level can cure human diseases.

First Pakistan Media Awards

Dr Xaigham Chairman Media for Diversity along with renowned journalists Syed Sajid Aziz and Mazhar Abbas on behalf of Pakistan Media Literature and Cultural Trust (PMLACT) organized a prestigious First Pakistan Media Awards ceremony during the reported week.
Imran Ismail Governor Sindh missed the opportunity to distribute First Pakistan Media Awards to all types of media including Print, Electronic, Bloggers, Public Relations departments of government and public sectors and stars from Showbiz due to his sudden emergent engagement.
Jamil Yusuf, former Caretaker Minister for Information Sindh who was there to preside this ceremony, distributed all awards among the awardees of this wonderful event. He also appreciated the efforts of organizers in his special address after the keynote address of Dr Xaigham Chairman Media for Diversity.
Mubasher Mir President Karachi Editors Club, Mukhtar Aqil Editor Daily Farz, Agha Masood Hussain Editor The Financial Daily, Qandeel Jafri from Showbiz and various others spoke on the occasion.
Ustad Mazhar Nundo Khan sang sufiyana kalaam at the ceremony which was very much appreciated by jam-packed audience of the ceremony at the Sindh Boy Scouts Auditorium.
National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Pirana Advertising, TDAP, PSO, KDA, Zonal Municipal Corporation, UTS, LSM sponsored and assisted this beautiful event especially Imran Irshad CEO Pirana coordinated the whole event beautifully. The ceremony was largely attended and ended up by serving a lavish dinner.

Travel Mart Pakistan-2018

A three-day International Travel and Tourism exhibition Travel Mart Pakistan-2018 has been concluded in Pakistan’s Business hub, Karachi during the reported week. It was sponsored by United International Group. Omer ul Islam, Joint Director UIC said, as leading player in Travel Insurance, our aim is to promote tourism industry of Pakistan to improve its global image. UIG top management team including Shakeel Ahmed, Executive Director and Group Chairman M.A Shahid also attended this event along with Yahya Polani, Chairman, Polani Travels and Mohammaed Rafique Chairman, Bukhari Travels.

CGs of Indonesia, Afghanistan visit Orchid School

The Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia Totok Prianamto and the Consul General of Afghanistan Hamidullah Tarin along with his team visited The Orchid School Education System, Clifton campus yesterday, which is one of the product line of Medicam Group of Companies.
Honorary Consul Generals of both the countries were welcomed by the Chairman Medicam Group of Companies, Khalil Ahmed Nainitalwala, Head of Operations Khurram Nainitalwala and the School Faculty members.
Talking to journalists, Indonesian Consul General said that everyone strives to get a quality education for earning a better livelihood and it is commendable initiative taken by Medicam group for spreading education throughout Pakistan.
Consul General of Afghanistan Hamidullah Tarin appreciating the infrastructure and other activities of The Orchid School said that a healthy learning environment is vital for a long term success and development.
Chairman Medicam Group of Companies, Khalil Ahmed Nainitalwala said that in today’s era it is very important to inculcate the habit of knowledge based learning in children along with its practical implications.


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