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Metro Matters 13-05-2019


Diplomats open Hotel Mehran’s Iftar dinner

The management of Hotel Mehran hosted a lavish Iftar-cum-dinner to introduce to citizens its month-long Iftar dinner facility, during the week.
Hotel Mehran’s Iftar dinner has 100 dishes that including a tantalising Pakistani and continental menu to cater to the yearnings of people to break their fast after a long and grueling day.
People attending Hotel Mehran’s Ifter-dinner will have a chance to win expensive gifts sponsored by multi-national companies which include air tickets, motorcycles and consumer goods.
The consuls general of Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia were special guests of honour at Hotel Mehran’s inaugural Iftar dinner. The inauguration ceremony was also attended by hotel’s General Manager Akhter Riaz.
Acting Japanese Consul General Katsunori Ashida (Noori), said that he was a great fan of Pakistani food especially Biryani, Nihari, Paya and barbeque.
Thai Consul General Thatree Chauvachata, said he was impressed by the 100 dishes spread. He said he was a fan of chicken karahi and chicken biryani.
Hotel Mehran Iftar-dinner festivities will continue till Chand Raat, says a press release.

Four Shia ‘missing’ persons back home

Four people, who had gone ‘missing’ four years ago, have returned home, said Missing Persons’ Relatives Committee (MPRC) head Rashid Rizvi. According to a report in a local media outlet, 27 people who forcibly disappeared have returned home, whereas the release of eight more people is also in progress.
Rizvi along with the members of the Shia community had held a sit-in outside President Arif Alvi’s house in Karachi for two weeks to demand the release of the ‘missing’ Shia persons. The sit-in was only ended after these people were released, with the authorities assuring that all the people will be home soon.
The protesters had alleged that 23 people had been taken away from Karachi in a new wave of “enforced disappearances” and their whereabouts were not known.
The recent disappearances were in addition to 22 people who have been ‘missing’ for the past two or three years, the demonstrators had said.
In order to discourage the sit-in, an FIR was launched against these demonstrators over ‘anti-state activities’ and the Karachi police later arrested 26 people from the site of the protest.
However, these people were released after 12 hours. Rizvi had said that these people were detained to stop them from joining the sit-in.
As the issue of enforced disappearances continues to plague the country, Pakistan Army’s spokesperson Major General Asif Ghafoor also took to Twitter via his personal account to give in his two cents.
In a tweet, he said, “Our hearts beat with families of every missing person. We share their pain and we are with them in the process of tracing them.”
“Thousands of soldiers have laid lives for [the] security of fellow Pakistanis. Can’t harm anyone” while adding that “let none exploit the issue on whatever context. With you,” said Gen Ghafoor.

22 Indian fishermen held for trespassing Pakistani waters

The Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) arrested 22 Indian fishermen for illegally fishing in territorial waters of the country and seized their four boats here during the week. The Indian fishermen were arrested for violating the territorial borders.
He said that that nabbed Indian fishermen were handed over to Docks police to carry out the required legal procedures.
It is worth mentioning here that during last two month, Pakistan released 360 Indian fishermen as goodwill gesture but violations of the territorial borders continue despite repeated warnings and arrests.

Puppeteers deliver message of tolerance in Lyari’s locality

In the narrow alleys of Lyari in the city, children are learning about peace, love and interfaith tolerance from string puppets.
As the curtains open on stage, a narrator tells the story of “Sindbad the Sailor”, a hero of Middle Eastern origin and his journeys around the world in which he meets people of different faiths, languages and religions – who often do not have much tolerance for one another.
“A man is dying and you guys are talking about castes,” the protagonist puppet rebuked a fellow puppet who did not want to save a drowning marionette because it belonged to a lower caste.
“You should be ashamed calling yourself human beings. Humans save humanity not caste,” Sindbad says.
Writer Nouman Mehmood said the story came to mind when his group was conducting an education awareness campaign in some poor neighbourhoods in the city.
They noticed religious and ethnic antagonism in those neighbourhoods and decided to create a show to spread a message of peace, tolerance and harmony.