Forward Looking Solutions (FLS)

The launch of a not-for-profit volunteer based organization FLS was held at a local during the reported week. Numerous organizations and members of the public were present at this well-attended event. Participants expressed passionately held views about providing a range of services for the disadvantaged living in remote areas.

The CEO of the organization, Ovais Anwar Khan, highlighted the future plans of FLS and ongoing human development activities, especially access to clean drinking water. He informed the audience about FLS’ current project work on Water Access & Sanitation (WASH), implementing several UNICEF approved hand pumps and solar-powered water systems in water-stressed & drought-stricken areas of the Thar desert. Their unique in-house designed solar-powered system is relatively inexpensive and low maintenance. This results in greatly reduced labour intensive work therefore easing women’s daily burden and increasing their quality of life.

In addition, other tasks such as building a Model Sustainable Village (MSV) and providing skill based education was also the focus of attention. The proposed MSV will produce organic food as well as provide shelter and livelihood opportunities to villagers living in proximity of the MSV.

Khan shared FLS’s ambitious plans of making the MSV a self-sustaining social enterprise not only for its 100-strong population, but about 500 people living in adjoining communities.

Water filtration and RO plant in Shanti Nagar

The Hamid Ismail Foundation had stepped up to bring clean water to the poverty-stricken sector of our society and inaugurated a Water Filtration and RO (reverse osmosis) plant in Shanti Nagar, Karachi.

The plant is a noble effort by the Hamid Ismail Foundation to ensure access to clean and drinkable water for the inhabitants of Shanti Nagar. The installation of this plant is expected to benefit approximately 5000 individuals from the area.

The CEO of HIF, Hamid Ismail, along with the CEOs of Saylani Welfare Trust and Nelson graced the inaugural ceremony with their presence. At the event, the esteemed guests carried out the ribbon-cutting for the Water Filtration and RO Plants, while also taking part in a plantation drive at the Shanti Nagar football field, in collaboration with the IBA Go Green Society. 400 individuals attended this event, including students from universities like SZABIST, IBA and CBM, along with various community leaders and representatives.

Talking about the current efforts being made by the HIF, Hamid Ismail, CEO Bisconni, has said, “This project is very close to my heart. It has been a relentless effort by my team and I, and it has taken continuous hard work and dedication to pull it off after overcoming various hurdles. Our commitment to bring clean, drinking water to those in need has been strong, and we have been able to achieve what we set out to do. It is mind-numbing how many people within our nation do not have access to clean, drinking water, which is a basic human necessity for survival. The underprivileged sector of our society deserves a strong entity to focus on them and their needs, and with the HIF, I hope and strive to undertake enough developmental projects to bring a difference to the lives of those in need.”

Suzain Fatima performing in film ‘Delhi Gate’

Suzain Fatima is an emerging TV and Film artist. Currently she is busy in a shooting of a upcoming movie “Delhi Gate” Suzain informed us that major cast of the film is like Javed Shaikh, Nadeem, Shafqat Cheema, Saood, Rooma Michal etc, all are doing hard work day and night for the success of this film and we hope public will like and appreciate our work when this film will be released.

Suzain Fatima informed us she started her carrier from TV with patience. She also did modeling for various selected products. She offered for films various time, now she finally performing in ‘Delhi Gate” which will be releasing soon and audience will appreciate its story and work of all artist. Suzain informed that Yasir Khan is a hero of this film with her and she is enjoying work with every team member of Delhi Gate. All team is doing hard work and cooperative for everyone. Goal of all team is success of this film.