Metro Matters 16-09-2019

Don’t Rely on TCS & SCB services

One of our friends Mir Abbas Raza Mubasher Editor Daily Pakistan Karachi has emerged as victim of Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) and TCS courier service for last one month. Mubasher had lost his credits on August 4, 2019 as the result of a snatching at saddar area in Karachi, he immediately blocked all credit cards as well as SCB credit cards and requested for re-issue. SCB replied that it will take 6 working day time for re-issue, whereas after a week all banks issue new cards. While when 2 weeks passed Mubasher contacted SCB again and they said they contact him for re-confirmation but his phone remained unattended. Mubasher told them that once it was unattended they should have tried again. To which they said ok and informed it will now take more 6 days. After 2 weeks passed again on September 6th he contacted SCB to know the status and was told that his card was handed over to TCS to deliver on September 2, 2019. When he contacted TCS they said we tried to deliver but his premises were closed, Mubasher asked did they call him while he was at home up to 12:00, they said no while all mobile, PTCL numbers were mentioned in the envelop. The TCS officer said that now this packet will be delivered after 10th September due to weekly and Moharram holidays. Mubasher advised them to call him as a must when the packet is delivered, But on 11th September they failed to deliver and when they contacted again, they promised delivery next day on September 12, but they again failed to deliver, when contacted again they said they have returned the parcel to SCB. When SCB was contacted, they said now the card was again given to the TC and it was back to square one.
Who is responsible for all this hassle??? Now the whole process is being started again. Why SCB cannot change the irresponsible courier service, what is behind their agreement? we will try to know in future, but still our friend Mubasher is awaiting with his fingers crossed and wondering if it’s a too much ask from the two well-known organisations.

Foodpanda scam or inefficiency?

Renowned mobile application for ordering food once was a great thing to use whenever you’re starving and soon after its efficiency began to fall and resulted in a very bad repo among foodies and many people uninstalled it. Many people faced problems like ordering food and not receiving even after the estimated time had passed and sometimes even hours. The problem? The rider didn’t pick the order from the respective branch of the restaurant. If you posted details of your bank account on the app, they charge it and then sometimes cancel the order, I also thought it could be because the restaurant must not be able to fulfill the order but then I tried to order again from the same restaurant the very next day and within a minute I got a notification that the restaurant has canceled the order, I did the same again the next day and this happened yet again I was so exhausted that I placed the order 8 times and it got cancelled, then I got a call from the restaurant saying that they were unable to deliver to the area that I’ve mentioned, if this was the problem why foodpanda showed restaurants that were delivering to my current restaurants, but interestingly I opted for the other restaurant and this happened again, then I went to the respective branch of the restaurant and told them if they’re canceling my order then I’m here to pick it by myself as to avail the discounts offered on foodpanda and then I placed the order and then again it got canceled, the guy said he didn’t get any order from foodpanda on their system even after multiple attempts, then I went to the other branch that were offering discount on foodpanda and tried the same and even they said they didn’t get any order from foodpanda, and that foodpanda is canceling the order on behalf of the restaurants saying that the respective restaurant is unable to deliver your order, I made a complaint to foodpanda but as yet I didn’t get any response.


Ali Rehman Khan, is ready to showcase his acting prowess on the ARY Digital screen for the first time with the serial, Bewafa.
Ali Rehman Khan is going to play the lead role in this serial where he will be sharing the screen space with Naveen Waqar and Ushna Shah. The serial is directed by Aabis Raza (of Bandish fame) and produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi’s Big Bang Entertainment.
Khan has really been making waves in 2019 starting from his critically acclaimed character Ammar in Khaas (airing on Hum TV) followed by Heer Maan Ja, his third successful outing on the big screen this Eid ul Azha.

Zubab Rana back on our screens

The industry’s lovely rising star, Zubab Rana is coming back to our television screens after the blockbuster supernatural thriller Bandish, with Big Bang Entertainment’s latest offering Rishtay Biktay Hain that is soon to be aired on ARY Digital.
The last directorial project of TV director Late Syed Atif Hussain (best known for family drama Babban Khala Ki Betiyan), Rishtay Biktay Hain features Zubab Rana in the leading role, along with Javed Sheikh, Rubina Ashraf, Shugufta Ejaz, Ali Abbas & Asad Siddiqui in pivotal roles.
“This drama tackles the evil of dowry that is still plaguing our society,” states Zubab Rana, “I get to play & show how even in the 21st Century an innocent girl’s married life becomes a living hell because of greed.”

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