Metro Matters 24-06-2019

Abbas Badami moves CPC towards next level

Ghulam Abbas Badami, Head of Task Force for Special Assignment Consumer Rights Council (CRC), Sindh Governor House Secretariat, taking the performances of CRC to the next level organized a special interactive session during the reported week at Sindh Governor Secretariat on Awareness on Consumer rights and Induction Consumer Right Council. In this meeting Head of Task Force inducted dozen of new members in CPC from different walks of like including media to improve and better performance of CPC to protect and facilitate consumers of Sindh.
Abbas Badami with his already active team members of CPC Ms Zareen Gul and Ali Asad Rehmani on this occasion briefed the all newly inducted members about the functioning, responsibilities and authorities of CPC. They also showed computerized slides for the explanations of CPC roll and responsibilities to the audience.
Abbas Badami in his address said that we have to serve jointly for the benefits of consumers of Sindh. Our goal is to provide a better and secured life with all protections and rights to the peoples of Sindh. He said, due to the previous efforts of CPC, 29 Consumers Courts has been established in Sindh while 6 courts in Karachi which are now actively functioning their role to provide justice to the consumers.
Abbas Badami hoped that the newly inducted members will interact and share experiences, Impacting consumer rights in Sindh, and how it plans to further extend its expertise across the province.
Badami also replied various questions from newly inducted members of CPC. He also requested to play their required role to facilitate more to Consumers of Sindh.

Durre Shahwar Nisar visits AMTF

Mrs. Durre Shahwar Nisar Chairperson, Women Entrepreneur Committee (WEC) of Karachi Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) visited Afzaal Memorial Thalasemia Foundation (AMTF) along with a delegation of Women Entrepreneur Sub-Committee of KCCI during the reported week. The delegation was received and briefed about the services of AMTF by its Executive Director. Ms Durre Shahwar Nisar took keen interest in the functioning of AMTF and assured her full cooperation for AMTF. She was presented a bouquet by Ateeq Ur Rehman Executive Director, AMTF on this occasion.

Darr Khuda Se

7th Sky Entertainment being the most diversified entertainment house is back with another creation, Darr Khuda Se, that was gone on air during the reported week. From the team of the industry’s top-notch producers Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, drama serial ‘Darr Khuda Se’ features a stellar cast with the heartthrob Imran Abbas as an antagonist and the stunning Sana Javed in the lead roles, along with Kiran Haq, Qavi Khan, Sajida Syed Ali Ansari, Nimrah Shahid, Faria Sheikh, and Mariam Mirza.
Directed by the much talented Anjum Shehzad, the drama is a signature project of 7th Sky Entertainment. Darr Khuda Se, written by Sarwat Nazir, is an emotive storyline focused on the woes of a female working in a corporate environment and inculcates all the struggles that a woman typically faces at her workplace. Incorporating the narrow-mindedness of a society that focuses on oppressing the female, rather than addressing her issues, the drama serial would be relatable to many in the audience.
7th Sky Entertainment has been on a roll lately with a number of new projects being aired right after Ramzan. With Shahrukh ki Saaliyan, Mere Mohsin, BharosaPyaarTera and Piya Naam Ka Diya, the entertainment house has remained true to its creative expertise and is providing ample entertainment for its audience.

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