Mian sahib – It’s too late now!


28 July 2017 was the day for Nawaz Sharif to prove that he was a leader but he choose different way for unknown reasons and forgot that those who get dethroned their comeback has always been a remote possibility.

Had he kept quiet would have been more dangerous to his opponents but now he is going to be a part of history. The biggest tragedy of Nawaz Sharif has been that he never came out of 12 Oct 1999 that was his own doing.

So called his advisors gave him wrong advise to remove Gen Musharraf while he was in the air coming back from official tour of Sri Lanka. Army command is not changed in this manner; it is always done in a proper way.

Who can disagree that Nawaz Sharif choose a most dirty and undignified method to remove his own picked up army chief and in the bargain he paid very heavy price. His press conference is basically an effort to get sympathies and find a way for clean exit but that is just not going to happen. You cannot get concession on such claims being made now.

Since his press conference is mainly a routine past rhetoric without any substance of repeated charges which at this stage are meaningless and shall not help him in any way. His criticism against army and intelligence agencies is nothing new. If he as prime minister cannot establish his writ on the institutions that means there is something wrong with his modus operandi.

It will be more appropriate to briefly throw some light on 12 Oct 1999. It was a fateful day for Nawaz he acted like a king and not as a democrat and unilaterally took action not covered under rules and normal ethics. It is so strange that he did all this to promote Gen Ziauddin who was at that time DG ISI and considered too close to the prime minister but in fact was totally ignorant about ground realities.

He gave “Sub Acha” report to prime minister to go ahead to remove Musharraf as everything was under control where as it was a different case altogether. ISI acts as ears and eyes for the prime minister and Gen Ziauddin failed in its primary function otherwise did not deserve to become army chief.

It is generally said that Gen Musharraf had planned this coup; it is not correct and is after thought. If that be the case how come none of the generals informed prime minister about his plans? Army chief alone can never indulge in any such adventure for that all Corps Commanders must be on board.

During peace time army prepares number of contingency plans in advance to meet any emergency situations and it was one of the contingency plans put to operation . When Gen Ziauddin was made army chief without observing normal laid down procedure. It was under that plan that Gen Ziauddin was not allowed to enter GHQ and was asked to wait till Gen Musharraf returns. Rest is history.

Had Nawaz called Musharraf in Prime Minister House or office and asked him to resign he would have done it like Gen Jahangir Karamat. It was army as an institution that reacted to the ugliest method of changing army chief. It is on record that PM ordered DG CAA Aminullah Choudhry (late) to divert his plane to some other country as deposed by him in the trial court. He has also written a book titled “Hijacking from the ground” which gives complete details about Nawaz Sharif illegal orders, rest details are known to everybody.

At this stage when Nawaz is asked about money trail he immediately jumps and bring Musharraf that he should be tried under article 6. There is one pertinent question that Gen Musharraf tendered his resignation in August 2008 and remained in Pakistan till 19 April 2009 when he left abroad. Why nobody bothered to try him under article 6 of the constitution, it is nothing but politics. It is on record that PML N said they don’t accept Gen Musharraf as President of Pakistan at the same time they took oath from him after winning elections in 2008 needs to be explained by Nawaz. Having taken oath you accepted him as President of Pakistan.

Against all speculations Gen Musharraf returned and contested elections form three different constituencies Karachi, Qasur and Rawalpindi where his nomination papers were rejected except for Chitral constituency that was accepted by RO.

He faced the courts and being seriously sick while facing charges in the court it was present government that allowed him to leave the country for treatment abroad as happened in the case of Ishaq Dar. You cannot have selective application of law be it known that all his actions was ratified by the Supreme Court. While criticizing Musharraf it should not be forgotten that it was NRO of Musharraf that paved way for him and Benazir Bhutto to return to Pakistan.

He has accused former ISI chief that he asked him to resign in 2014; it is too late to do politics on past events. After hearing ISI chief he should have picked up courage and demanded his resignation he had all the powers to retire DG ISI for asking him to resign or go on long leave. Supremacy of civilians does not come through propaganda against army and judiciary.

Sir you went beyond everything to malign Pakistan in Mumbai attack, for this nation will never forgive you. But in fact it depends on good governance, justice and corruption free atmosphere. The barometer of success is directly proportional to the living standard of poor.

Nawaz Sharif has said nothing new, army has always been a self created problem for him. He should be grateful to Musharraf who allowed him to leave Pakistan under a deal and agreement which he kept denying until it was disclosed by prince .

History is to learn lessons and not repeat mistakes the fact remains no lesson learned by him. He as a former prime minister should always keep in mind that “Anatomy of the human body is known to all of us but we still cover it”.

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.