Modi gambles on Pulwama — Rahul may steal the show?

Much before the attack in Pulwama India was preparing grounds for the last six months to stage such drama and our intellectuals had predicted that Modi shall do something to influence the coming elections to be held in May this year.

India as a matter of policy has always blamed Pakistan for any terrorist attack that takes place anywhere in India or occupied Kashmir. The Indian media straight away jumps to conclusion without wasting a minute and starts accusing Pakistan mainly to defame Pakistan, but on the other hand section of our media picks up their story and starts discussion instead of rejecting such accusations. The Indians started blaming Pakistan even before the excavation of dead bodies and without identifying the suicide bomber. Except for US now considered to be very close to India rest of the world has remained quiet.

70 years of terror in occupied Kashmir and continuous brutality being displayed by Indian troops deployed in state of Jammu and Kashmir carrying out indiscriminate killings of innocent Kashmiris is no more secret to the world. The world conscious is in deep slumber, United Nations silence is not understandable at all.

Kashmiris are laying down their lives on daily basis and can no more sit silent and are fighting war of freedom against 7 lac Indian troops without proper weapons and outside help. Now the leadership is in the hands of younger generation and they have really un nerved the Indian government by fighting them on each front. There is continuous curfew for days in occupied Kashmir and situation has virtually gone out of control. The latest drama has been staged at a time when Crown Prince of Saudi Arab Muhammad Bin Salman was visiting Pakistan with promise of huge investment of $20 Billion besides signing 8 MOU’s was an attempt to distract his attention and give a silent message to defer the trip, but since no one has bothered therefore this drama flopped like surgical strike. It is historic visit after many years. India as usual wanted to sabotage it but met his waterloo. The timing coincides with major events like Muhammad Bin Salman visit to Pakistan, Kulbhoshan case hearing in international court of justice in Hague, this has been a regular feature with India to escalate tension on such occasions.

India must understand that the attack is in retaliation to atrocities, arson, loot, murder, raping woman and shooting innocent men, women and children and targeting teen agers with pallet gun bullets. The attacker was a young suicide (probably planted by RAW) that rammed his explosive filled vehicle in to long military convoy killing 44 personnel besides injuring many. This attack took place on heavily guarded route which is under surveillance by Indian army on Srinagar Jammu route hardly 20 kilometers away from Srinagar. This leaves India to one option to listen to Kashmiris and decide the issue through negotiations instead of using guns. Latest example is of USA, 17 years war in Afghanistan with $ 4 Trillion loss and result is US now wants dialogue with Taliban, and Modi is well advised to follow the right option as war is no solution to any problem. There is wide awakening in India and know leaders are also criticising Modi in meeting the demands of Kashmiris.

Reacting quickly Indian Prime Minister Modi said security forces have been ordered to retaliate in full tantamount to threat to attack Pakistan. The world should take notice of Modi’s threats and advise him to tackle the real issue of Kashmir that is lingering on since 1948. This is the time the Indian government should revisit its policies towards ongoing freedom movement of Kashmiris. Sensing India is losing hold on occupied Kashmir to divert attention of people such dramas are staged at regular intervals. Can Indian Prime Minister explain that while moving such heavily armed convoy how come a civilian vehicle come on the road freely unchecked loaded with 250 KG explosive and allowed to strike the convoy?
It is worthwhile to mention statement of Indian General Lt Gen D S Dooda who said” It is not possible to bring such massive amounts of explosives by infiltrating the border”

Nirander Modi is losing ground and his only slogan is crush Pakistan so he can go to any extent to influence the coming elections but must listen to his generals what they think about his hatred campaign against Pakistan. Some retired generals are suggesting going tough with Pakistan without considering its consequences. As anticipated Modi may resort to some short mischief against Pakistan to satisfy his people. In fact Modi has indulged in great gamble in staging drama of Pulwama and is getting exposed. The entire Indo Pak border is sealed, how on earth people can enter India with explosive laden car in most heavily guarded area by Indian troops. Prime Minister Imran Khan in his short message has once again offered hand of friendship but at the same time he categorically told Modi that if India makes mistake of attack Pakistan will not think over it but would retaliate.

By now it is very much clear that the attack was by a native Kashmiri that drew instant global attention to the indigenous struggle of his people and threatening Prime Minister’s May general elections making it clear it may not be easy run for him. The world is thinking as to what could be the strategic gain except that it provided Modi chance to exploit this incident for political gains by blaming Pakistan which is nothing new. Claim by banned outfit Jaesh Muhammad is to divert attention because it is confirmed that attack has been by a native Kashmiri. This will certainly go against Modi as dissatisfied faction of the Indian population may not vote for his re election and Rahul may steal the show. But on home front all political parties irrespective of their differences and grievances with the government should stand shoulder to shoulder on this issue lest history would never forgive them.

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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