Why Modi to lose elections: A perspective

All eyes are set on the forthcoming general elections in India as it is being predicted in the Indian intellectual circles and rightly so that Modi Sarkar will lose the polls being held in India from April to May 2019. The reasons being floated is very simple that Modi has failed to fulfill the election manifesto of his party BJP especially with regard to economic development and the reduction of poverty. It may be recalled that Modi had won the 2014 election on promise of rapid economic development but his tenure economic development could not pick up and so the BJP government could not provide jobs to the millions job seekers which included educated as well illiterate.

The farmers in the Indian agriculture sector are also very depressed as they are not getting loans at reduced rates and they are not in a position to repay the previous loans with the result many farmers in hundreds have committed suicide. Yet another factor which will pull down the government of Modi during elections is that his party has changed the face of Indian constitution from secular to Hinduvta which is the deviation from the concept of the founding fathers of the Indian nation.

The secular nature of the Indian constitution had kept the Indian nation united but now no more. As the Indian Muslims are being marginalized and so the low caste Hindu called Dalit. The Muslims in India under BJP are living in constant fear, the Hindu youth by and large do not hesitate to harass the Muslims especially the Kashmiri students getting education in different universities and colleges. Moreover many Muslim families have been killed by extremist hindus blaming that they were eating beef. Moreover the political relations with Pakistan during Modi reign are extremely low. The Pulwama incident occurred in occupied Kashmir gave a chance to Modi to bash Pakistan and ordered his Air Force to launch attack at Balakot to eliminate so-called Jaishe Mohammad terrorists who were blamed for the attack on a military convoy killing 42 soldiers. The Indian media was creating war hype and so the BJP die hard workers. Calling the Indian Army Chief to launch full-fledged attack on Pakistan, but they could not do so as Pakistan army and public were fully prepared to response Indian attack.

Pakistani Air Force destroyed one aircraft of India which made Modi think twice to engage Pakistan in military conflict. However the danger of military conflict between the two nuclear armed nations is not over, the BJP in order to win the elections will try to harm Pakistan in order to woo the Indian public vote for Modi. However the Indian National Congress has entered election alliance with smaller parties in order to win the elections against BJP, the chances for Indian National Congress to win the general elections are very bright as Rahul Gandhi being so charismatic leader is more popular among the masses compared with Modi. Kashmir issue will pose serious threat to BJP in the forthcoming elections as the liberation struggle continues unabated despite Indian army’s ruthless method to subjugate it.

This is the reason why the Election Commission is not holding elections in the occupied Kashmir. Pakistan will continue providing political and diplomatic support to the people of occupied Kashmir as per long standing commitment to the people of disputed territory, It is also learnt that the Muslims in occupied Kashmir and in India will not vote for Modi as he is an open enemy of Muslims in India. The military wing of RSS is pushing Modi to attack Pakistan and avenge the killing of Indian soldiers at Pulwama, in occupied Kashmir but his adventure against Pakistan will fail as already witnessed by shooting Indian air craft in Indian territory.

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